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KVMR Underwriter of the Month - BriarPatch Co-op

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For just about 40 years, BriarPatch Co-op has been the leading natural food store in Nevada County. BriarPatch is a vibrant, important community hub for gathering and for dialogue and learning about healthful food. BriarPatch seeks to be a leader in social, environmental, and fiscal business responsibility, among both businesses and food co-ops nationally. BriarPatch models community-mindedness and cooperative principles, and hopes to inspire others to do the same, and in so doing contributes to peace and prosperity for all within its reach.
BriarPatch Co-op is the 4th largest private employer in Nevada County, currently employing a staff of 200 associates. "Our staff is a diverse group that share an appreciation for being part of a business that promotes good health and is cooperatively-owned," says Stephanie Mandel, Marketing Manager for BriarPatch.

BriarPatch Co-op and KVMR are a natural partnership," says Chris Maher, General Manager of the Co-op, "Both organizations are celebrating multi-decade birthdays and are pillars of the community, part of the Nevada County experience in this amazing place." BriarPatch has been a KVMR supporter for over 12 years, and Maher states, "We are confident that Underwriting with KVMR reaches the community and grows our membership. When people move into the community, they're going to listen to KVMR and thus learn about BriarPatch. Listeners patronize the businesses that support the station."
"When I think about KVMR, I think about the community connection, and feel that people should always show their support by pledging during their favorite shows," says Chris Maher.

The success of BriarPatch comes from the diversity of its customers. There is always a slice of Nevada County represented - people of all ages, different styles of dress, etc. The commonality is that they all understand the value: good relationship plus good food equals good health.
Visit the KVMR Underwriter of the Month, BriarPatch, at 290 Sierra College Dr. in Grass Valley or vist their website