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Humanity Found in Photographs

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Dee Anne Dinelli is a beautiful human being who is the Media Director on the Board of Directors for Sierra Roots, a Nevada City non-profit focused on building community with the homeless population. She is a humanitarian in all that she does. She is also a professional photographer specializing in fine art portraiture, and is the owner of Shadow Dance Photographic Arts. 

She began taking photos of homeless people from Hospitality House and Sierra Roots. There was not a plan or idea, she just thought she would capture their amazing spirits. She did just that, and has found the faces of humanity through her work.

Dee’s story will show you how intuition can guide us. She is a talented artist who will be sharing her work at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, from November 16th - November 30th. 

Don’t miss her Gallery show at the Granucci Gallery at the Center for the Arts on the dates above. 

We also caught her story, and you can listen to her audio segment at the links below.

KVMR Storycatchers - Listen HERE

Also on A Place to Call Home - Audio Story Showcase 

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