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A Genre to Ponder

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A Genre to Ponder
With the latest request for volunteers to keep the music library in order, it occurred to me that things are not always as simple as they seem.  Apart from relying upon the good grace of all ’borrowers’  to return CDs to their rightful space,  categorizing of the music itself is not always straightforward either.
Maybe your thing is the Blues, Hip Hop? Or you have an eclectic taste in music. Have you ever considered just how many music genres  there actually are? Any music lover who is organizing their collection will quickly learn that classifying music can be an exercise in futility. Many songs purchased from music sites, are assigned genres that seem quite arbitrary and in many cases are rather meaningless. In some respects, the classification of music is like a Rorschach test (Rorschach being a psychological test in which subject’s perceptions of ink blots are recorded, then analyzed using psychological interpretation – every music enthusiast has a classification. ) So far, a recognized list includes 843 music genres ( that number no doubt increases as you read) But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Exactly how many music genres exist? Since music classification is so subjective, a moving target as new genres evolve, there is no precise answer nor likely to be one.
Annie DeSanti  (blog)