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Dreamwalk Double Hitter... Ali Fontaine & STEVIE SALAS

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Halito am akana!!! Hello my friends! It is I, Miss Jiff once again!!!

Due to unfortunate circumstances the 6/25/2015 Ali Fontaine interview disappeared into the ether... don't start sobbing yet, when we learned about her amazing work with The Canadian Museum of Human Rights we are going to do another interview with Miss Ali!!! It will air sometime in August... She is excited about it!

The Phrase of the day: "Nimino'aya" Ojibwe for "I feel good!"

Ali also has her new song NIPI for FREE available on

IG @alifonzy

Now... STEVIE "SOON TO BE MINE" SALAS! What an amazing man. International guitar player, song writer, music, television and movie producer as well as author... holy schmoly! Well worth the listen... you wanna go big? Follow the Salas plan!

Phrase of the day : "Chi hullo li na bllia chih" Choctaw for "I will love you always". Get romantical <3

The spoken word piece was "Sky Woman and the Great Flood" off the Elders Speak album.

The audio clip is a marriage proposal from Stevie Salas I spliced together from words I asked him to say :)

twitter @steviesalas

playlist on kvmr by date/program

07/09/2015 we have 28 minutes of Skip Alan Smith, Miss Jiff and Buffy Sainte-Marie!!!!!!!!!!

Yakoke am akana and chi hullo li na billia chih!

Miss Jiff