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A Day at the Fair

Archie Grimes's picture

Archie Grimes

Having the opportunity to represent KVMR in the Out Reach booth at the Nevada County Fair was a wonderful experience. In reaching out to the public there were some wonderful experiences. 

One husband and wife had been listening to KVMR since its beginning. They enjoy the various types of music and programming made available to them throughout the week. They find an important aid to the community is the Emergency information provided in a timely fashion.

One young woman (maybe 18 - you don't ask a womans age) was introduced to KVMR at the Fair and was encouraged to go online and find the genre she loves and listen in. She said she would do that. She spent some time sitting on the bale of hay at the booth and listening to our music. 

Another Gentleman moved to the Nevada City area a short time ago and was told by a friend he should be listening to KVMR for the community information available. I encouraged him to listen in for a variety of entertainment. Music, talk and news as well. He promised he would.

Several passersby were from out of the area and were given KVMR bumper stickers and/or hand outs and encouraged to listen in on the WEB. www.kvmr.org.

Many wonderful experiences made me see that KVMR is truly "Music of the World, Voice of the Community".

I plan on attending the Fair in 2016!