On Creativity - Expect Surprises

Ellis Horn's picture

What if the scientific process got out of the way and let the right brainers have their day? Oh, my, chaos you say? Well, I beg to differ. Here are some thoughts on the subject of creativity. One: You can't create if you are not willing to fail. If you are passionate about what you are doing you will get up and try again, perfecting your process and learning along the way. Two: You can't create much of anything of real human value if you can't play. Yep, Play is the secret ingredient of creativity, (and imagination). Our society glorifies work and it rewards us for it. Well, perhaps we should pay people for playing. A free and playful mind is not the devil's playground. When you are playing is when you know yourself most accurately because your true self shows up. Knowing yourself will also bring a smile. Here at KVMR the radio is our playground. I call mine The Creative Playground. Music brings laughter and tears, like thunder and rain. We rejoice when we play and we honor creation in the same moment. 'Just a thought... What's yours? Ellis@KVMR.org Ellis Horn is one of the bright eyed and bushy tailed broadcasters at KVMR, circa 2015. His intention is to invite and bring creativity to the airwaves. Expect surprises!