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Cosmic Connection to Laura Miller's June 11 Show

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A couple from Hawaii dropped by the station today. On June 11, 2016, the wife's best friend of 47 years died at 5:30 pm. Laura Miller's Diamond's & Rust show started at 6. The couple said that they were so struck by Laura's show; her playlist on that day was "song after song" just perfect for their situation and circumstance...like the playlist was made just for them! After that, it was Dead Air...the two woman had gone to many a Dead concert together.

So, while they are on the mainland preparing for the funeral, they made a special trip to the KVMR to see if they could get the playlist. I showed them how to listen on the archive, and they said they plan to play Laura's show during the memorial service. I also showed them where to find playlists on Spinitron and gave them some KVMR swag. We exchanged hugs and I sent them on their way, promising I would pass the info on to our wonderful broadcasters and the KVMR family.
It's so cool KVMR has this kind of affect on others and that we could possibly mean so much to people. Although it's sad someone has left us, it warms my heart to know KVMR had just a little bit to do with helping this couple cope through their grief.