with Kristin Steindorf

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A Compilation Of The Way Super Bowl 50 Should Sound(Click Sound Bar)

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Our Super Bowl Opener Is About As Close As We're Gonna Get To Playing Any Songs Related To Football.  Matter-O-Fact, The Best Things That Stick In My Mind About Going To Those Overcrowded, Noisy Games, Was The Aftertaste Of  Hot Dogs & Cold Beer! 

Instead, At Midnight Come Feb. 6th, Rock'n Down Under Will Be Hanging On This Side Of The Pond, Spinning Tracks That Many Of Y'all Might Remember From Those Early Days Living in The Haight.  So Tune In & Turn On To The Sounds Of Steppenwolf, The Doors, The Animals Plus------- Well, Y'all Will Have To Listen To Find Out.  
                                                       Image result for the haight san francisco