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Board’s Eye View

David G. Franco's picture

This is David Franco, I have been on the Board of KVMR for a very short time. I am just learning the ropes and slowly absorbing the history of this ‘wondership’ called KVMR.

I have noticed a few things around here that are unusual – quite unusual actually. There is a dedication to the airwave vibration of KVMR. I look around and see and hear over 100 Broadcaster telling their story. Their dedication holds the space that is the music for our ears.

There are members of the Board who have been working on the Board of KVMR for 6 years, and they show up and focus and help drive this unwieldy ship. Some, when their term is up, just keep on focusing on the success of a fine station.

When adversity hits from time to time, the staff, crew and broadcasters rise to the occasion. On the Big Day of Giving, the base website for donating funds to our station went down! … and it was down for the entire day. The tech crew moved with pure grace and support, our office staff running the show, gulped and … forged ahead. You should have seen our broadcaster for the day – she was model of flexibility and professionalism. Nice work gang!

When I was ‘being interviewed’ for the position on the Board, I decided to turn the tables a bit and I asked the ‘askers’ WHY are you on the Board. A giant message keep coming up:

                                                FREE SPEECH!

KVMR is one the dwindling few “independent” radio stations in the nation. Our broadcasters and listeners are the heart speaking for this community. Our speech is dictated by no one other than who we are as a community. WE are the Community called KVMR.

It is a station built on dedication, a dedication arising, not from duty alone, but from the love of this process.

            It’s nice to be part of this Family.

                                    David Franco

Oh Yeah, one of the energies that runs this station is money. That is simply how this part of the world works, help out – become members and get your neighbors to become members as well.