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The Blue Garage Welcomes The San Jose Diva - Joyce Randolph

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Joyce Randolph made her first visit to The Blue Garage in 2005 when Michael Axelman was still working under the moniker, The Governor, on KSCU, on the campus of Santa Clara University.   Joyce will be welcomed once again to The Blue Garage on May 7th as featured musical artist for our membership drive show, and again on May 21st for conversation and reflection.

"Joyce Randolph is an undeniably gifted jazz artist. In her voice clearly dwells the collective spirit of such classic vocalists as Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughan. Joyce doesn’t simply sing a song; she transforms each song into a poignant musical drama. SEE, HEAR, and BE MOVED by the vocal genius of Joyce Randolph. Undoubtedly, Joyce IS the evolution of the blues."

-- Afrikahn J. Dayvs KKUP FM Radio

"Jazz at Noon at the Recital Hall at Santa Clara University reached new heights this past week with a dazzling performance from Joyce Randolph. Joyce Randolph and Jeff Chambers, her creative and talented bassist, performed a soulful and sophisticated set of jazz love songs. Combining technical virtuosity with a deeply passionate, heartfelt delivery. Joyce Randolph's vocal performance was exceptional…an invigorating musical experience."

-- Michael Axelman, KSCU, Santa Clara 103.3 FM (May 2005)