Father's Day Bluegrass Festival

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Beware the (pre) Ides of March

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Friends, Romans Countrymen .... lend me your ears .. 
the 11th March for Rockndownunder Redeye. We are excited to share a plethora of brand new sounds from New Zealand and Australia. 
Tune in midnight to 4am PCT. Whether you’re in  Cape Reinga, New Zealand or Toowoomba, Australia, on top of Mount Ruapehu or in the middle of The Outback, (long as you get cell phone reception) There’s no excuse not to tune in. Download our free KVMR App. https://www.kvmr.org/node/4271 and listen ‘live stream’ or listen later on our archives playlist where you can listen to a show for up to two weeks. All available on https://www.kvmr.org/  See you then!