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Betty Louise's picture
Betty Louise on Aug 31, 2017
Imagine being 56 years old, sleeping out in the woods for the better part of 5 years. Robert, who considers himself home-free, instead of home-less, says he is ready to tell a different story now. His body is letting him know, “…it’s not going to put up with this, at least not as graceful." His...
Betty Louise's picture
Betty Louise on Aug 27, 2017
Terry Worden’s perception about homelessness got shifted in a hurry. He helped out with a Sierra Roots emergency shelter this past winter, and was so inspired he went home and wrote a song, called “You Can See the People.” He didn’t use to “see the people.” He’s been successful in his life and...
Mark Leviton's picture
Mark Leviton on Aug 27, 2017
Tonight on Word in Edgewise @ 9pm I'll be reading short stories by the late Sam Shepard, all set in the Southern California high desert and along Route 66 in the 1950s.
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Aug 24, 2017
Hap Hazard is on IT! Hap will welcome Nani Agbeli from the East - West Ghana All - Stars to chat about his Saturday night performance. Check https://www.naniagbeli.com/ for stunning details. At kvmr.org and KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM from 4 - 6pm, check for the musical lubricant that Hap will...
Betty Louise's picture
Betty Louise on Aug 24, 2017
Dee Anne Dinelli is a beautiful human being who is the Media Director on the Board of Directors for Sierra Roots, a Nevada City non-profit focused on building community with the homeless population. She is a humanitarian in all that she does. She is also a professional photographer specializing in...
Jeffrey Philpott's picture
Jeffrey Philpott on Aug 24, 2017
A lot has been made this year of it being the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the release of Sgt. Pepper’s, the Monterey Pop Festival, the founding of Rolling Stone Magazine, but did you also know that it’s the 50th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967? Signed into law in...
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Aug 22, 2017
On Wednesday, August 23rd I interview Allison Rivers-Samson about the Dairy Detox and the other coaching work she does.  You can find out more about Allison here.   Allison Rivers Samson is a Self-care Coach who is passionate about empowering people to prioritize themselves jubilantly, create...
Jeff Wright's picture
Jeff Wright on Aug 21, 2017
For anyone interested in American musical history, as well as the roots of our racial discomfort currently so visible, I want to recommend a book: The World That Made New Orleans: From Spanish Silver to Congo Square by Ned Sublette. It’s not a study of New Orleans music per se. For that I recommend...
Betty Louise's picture
Betty Louise on Aug 21, 2017
  Anthony (Tony) Beverly is better known as Husky LePew at KVMR community radio. He is a night owl so you can always find him hosting a few RedEye shifts (12:00 - 4:00 am) each month, and providing quality entertainment for “grown folks.” He has a fabulous radio voice and all who have heard him on...
Kiwi Annie's picture
Kiwi Annie on Aug 18, 2017
Rockndownunder this Monday 21st  August 10 - midnight.     Hear more of the tracks we love to share from Australia and New Zealand.    Synchronized variety!
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Aug 18, 2017
Big Thief - Haley - 3:33 Big Thief - Mary - 5:29 Mura Masa - What If I Go? - 3:15 Mura Masa - Blu (feat. Damon Albarn) - 4:32   Big Thief - CapacityBig Thief - Capacity - Saddle Creek Big Thief is an American indie rock band based in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The band's first album...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Aug 17, 2017
That guy walkin' down the street snappin' his fingers is Hap Hazard, thinking about his Friday afternoon radio show. Tune into kvmr.org anywhere in the world between 4pm and 6pm on the west coast of America. Or more locally, find Hap at KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM It will all start with Kashmir.
Harriet Diamond's picture
Harriet Diamond on Aug 13, 2017
Get ready to listen and join in with our upcoming show," He said… She said" on Friday August 18 at 12:06 until 1 PM. Harriet Diamond and Paul Sanders will be having fun creating perspectives on relationships. Our title for this show ... Is There a Recipe for Loving Relationships? We think so....
Adriana Kelly on Aug 5, 2017
It's coming... TICKETPALOOZA- LOOOZA- LOOZAH!!!! Friday August 4th- call in beginning at 7AM- Everything MUST GO! All the best events at rock bottom prices*- YOU paint the town red, the ARTIST gets some love, and KVMR KEEPS THE SKRILLA!! (530) 265-9555 Mark your calendar and get out your wallet-...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Aug 3, 2017
Hap Hazard will cool you, and soothe you, and drive you to mysterious places...this Friday from 4 - 6pm @ kvmr.org and on KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM. Left coast time. Tune in for the transition from here to there. Pilot to co-pilot...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jul 28, 2017
Hap Hazard will be doing a meet and greet over the radiowaves this Friday afternoon - and he has room for you! Tune in to kvmr.org, or KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM. It's 4pm - 6pm on the left coast of America. You'd be surprised to see where we can go in that time!
Don Lipari's picture
Don Lipari on Jul 27, 2017
As a new radio broadcaster here at KVMR, I feel inspired to find music that will delight KVMR listeners.  That blurb I added to my bio about having to look through every birthday card before selecting one is kind of true.  I feel it is my responsibility to know as much different music as I can so...
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Jul 25, 2017
On July 26th during the noon hour I interview Dr. Joseph Keon about the disturbing truth regarding cow's milk and our health.  Dr. Keon is the author of Whitewash, an award winning book about the subject.  You can find out more about Dr. Keon and the book here. Dr. Keon is a guest speaker at Get...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Jul 21, 2017
Public Service Broadcasting - Progress (feat. Tracyanne Campbell) - 3:26 Public Service Broadcasting - They Gave Me a Lamp (feat. Haiku Salut) - 3:56 Broken Social Scene - Protest Song - 4:18 Broken Social Scene - Skyline - 4:11   Public Service Broadcasting - Every ValleyPublic Service...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jul 20, 2017
Hap Hazard can't get away with anything, these days - except every Friday afternoon on the radio from 4 - 6 pm on the west coast. Dial into kvmr.org, or KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM, and become a believer! You did say you wanted to go places, right?


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