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1st Dreamwalk blog with Miss Jiff

Miss Jiff's picture

Halito, it is I, Miss Jiff and welcome to the Dreamwalk blog!

"Miss Jiff, you talk so much on air, what the heck are you going to blog about?!"

My reply to that obvious question, NOTHING!

This blog is to sum of the week's program and network all the interweb sites and social medias... so many social medias!

In this blog I will post the Phrase of the day, links to guests, our YouTube rebroadcast, pictures of who knows what and an audio clip of something reinvent, I hope!

I feel it is important to support N8V artists/people because we have some rare burdens to bare... responsibility to nurture our planet, heal generational wounds, preserve language/stories/culture/art, stay united, remain visible, stand proud, exist in two worlds and attempt to show people a tribal state of mind.

With the awesome support of KVMR I strive to spread the word about these incredible indigenous individuals. There are very few platforms/opportunity for the Native American voice and sharing the many faces of the 1st Nations experience.

IG @ dreamwalk_KVMR #dreamwalkkvmr Dreamwalk KVMR

twitter too!

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Yakoke for listening,

Miss Jiff

PS. Enjoy the audio clip of the popular "Knock off Native"