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“Give a Little Money, Give a Little Time”

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Terry Worden’s perception about homelessness got shifted in a hurry. He helped out with a Sierra Roots emergency shelter this past winter, and was so inspired he went home and wrote a song, called “You Can See the People.”

He didn’t use to “see the people.” He’s been successful in his life and career. For years and years and years, he passed by homeless people, sometimes stopping and giving them $5, and other times wishing they were not there.
When he saw the common humanity working at the emergency shelter, with his heart in the place of wanting to give to the greater good, a song was born.
An excerpt of his lyrics:
"You can see the people,
Living on the Street.
Turn a Blind Eye,
Walk on By.
You can see the people,
Sleeping on the park bench.
All around town,
They can be found.
What’s a soul to do?
Just love them!"
You can listen to his story on KVMR Storycatchers!