Becoming a KVMR Broadcaster

Written by on August 8, 2018

The journey all began when I spotted KVMR’s Broadcaster’s Training Workshop announcement for two weekend days in April. I happen to be free and I was interested in learning the ropes of radio. I have many musical passions, but I desired expanding my musical palette. So, I signed up and attended the classes. I was inspired by KVMR’s forty years of community radio, how cool everyone was on staff, and seeing happy volunteers. Hearing the stories of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making good radio. I was hooked.

Right away, I connected with several veteran broadcasters with radio shows and began shadowing them, being live with them on their shows, asking them questions about running the board, and keeping your cool while on the air. It was fun and creative. Bands were coming into the studio to jam live on KVMR before their performances, on the air phone calls with guest songwriters, there’s always something going on at KVMR. I met with dedicated staff all summer long that brought me into the unused radio studio so I could learn the board, mics, digital library, recorded promos, new musical genres, the Community Calendar, and of course, my favorite, the turntables.

After a few hours weekly in May, June, and July, and co-training with another newbie broadcaster, I have been officially certified. I did the Blues Spectrum show this Sunday and it was scary, thrilling, and I learned to really dig the Blues. In fact, the last two certified broadcasters have been women, me and another lady. Rock on! I feel great being a part of a creative, musical, communal entity right here in Nevada City. I’m excited to sub for radio shows, am involved in Educationally Speaking radio program, and of course, volunteering. 

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