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JULY 14 on Dawn Eclectica – Timeless: Songs You Must Hear on Your Last Day On Earth

The end of the Covid lockdown in our area allowed me to participate in a good old fashion sing along with a small group of vaccinated guests. Singing these well-loved tunes, a thought occurred to me: What songs would I choose to hear if I knew this was my final day on the planet? What […]

6/16 on Dawn Eclectica – Politically Incorrect: Songs that would never fly in today’s cancel culture

When Gary Puckett found out her true age, he warned his “Young Girl” to “get out of my mind,” reminding her that she was a just a baby in makeup. Mick Jagger bragged about a “squirming dog” girlfriend who “once had her way” but was now “Under [his] Thumb.” Another Stones song told about Mick’s […]

5/19 on Dawn Eclectica – the 6th of July 1957: a Day that Changed the World Forever & Van Morrison – Unhinged?

I am taking a month off from Dawn Eclectica, but I have a special show for you on May 19 from 4-7 am. On July 6, 1957, in the courtyard of St. Peter’s Church Woolton, Liverpool, a meeting occurred that would not only change music but the history of western civilization forever. It was on […]

Wednesday 5/5 on Dawn Eclectica – Insanity and Genius

With Spring in full swing and Covid on the run, I’m letting ‘er rip on my next show Wednesday May 5, from 4-7 am. Mark Knopfler live, early Dylan, and Jerry Garcia anchor the show, but between 5 and 5:30 I go completely crazy with novelty and humorous songs from yester year. Then from 5:30 […]

March 24 on Dawn Eclectica – Time Marches On

We live with them all our lives. We try to keep track of them, sometimes in vain. We remember some fondly and others with great pain. What are they? Days of the Week, of course. On March 24 from 4-7 am, I'll present my dumbest theme show ever - songs with days of the week [...]

Tuesday Music Magazine 2/2/21: Live, Funny & fresh country-folk

Hello KVMR groovy people: Paul Berger here, host of Dawn Eclectica every other Wednesday from 4-7 am. This Tuesday, I get to spin discs during daylight hours when listeners will actually be in a state of conscious alertness, when I host the February 2 Music Magazine from 4-6 pm. I’ve put together a captivating set, […]

Wed. 12/30 on Dawn Eclectica – A 50 Year Time Capsule

In 1970, a 28 year-old Paul McCartney channeled the wreckage from the breakup of his band – the most iconic and popular band of all time – to issue his first solo album, McCartney. Former bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison also produced their first solo albums that year. Indeed, 1970 proved to be a […]

12/2 on Dawn Eclectica – The Soul Sound Rebound and More

Remember Soul Music? I sure do. The wonderful melodies, the beat, the rhythm, the in-sync dancing. On Wednesday’s Dawn Eclectica, I will take you on a journey into some of my favorite jukebox hits of that era. You know, the ones that you can’t help but get up and move to? Got it going’ on, […]

November 4 on Dawn Eclectica – The Day After Armageddon

Did you know there is an election coming up this Tuesday November 3? It’s true. And luckily or unluckily I have a show to do at 4 am on November 4. Up all night following the election returns? Use me for background music or just to get a break from the brain-numbing cacophony of polling […]

Dawn Eclectica – Songs of the Heart (9/9)

The Heart: not only does it pump blood to all parts of the body and ensure that all organs receive an adequate supply of oxygen, it is the only organ that has inspired poets, artists, songwriters and musicians all over the world since the beginning of time. On Dawn Eclectica this Wednesday, September 9 from […]

July 29 on Dawn Eclectica Summerlove – The Songs of Summer

Yes folks, it’s time for another theme show on Dawn Eclectica. Enjoying the outdoor summer weather is one of the few pleasures we can still enjoy these days, but guess what? Summer is halfway over. So to commemorate and celebrate the summer, I’ll present a tidal wave of songs worshipping and extolling the summer. You’ll […]

6/17 on Dawn Eclectica – The Money Show

The bible says “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” And then there’s the well worn but insightful cliche that “money is the root of all evil.” Money has been a fertile topic for songwriters and artists. Songs about money have been around as long […]

Coming February 12th: All In the Family

We cannot choose our family, so goes the old saying, but often family members make perfect musical partners. And family musical groups are almost as old music itself. The Beach Boys, the Allman and Everly Brothers, the Pointer Sisters, Jackson Five — you get the idea. Join me this Wednesday on Dawn Eclectica when I […]

Time: A New Year, A New Decade – So let’s play music!

Time:  one of the few things human beings cannot control, alter or ruin.   No matter who we are or what we have done, we are all traveling in this dimension until our journey on this planet ends.    And of course, songwriters, artists and poets have all reflected on this inscrutable phenomenon.  On the next Dawn […]

Red Eye Radio -Sept 15 Four hours of psychedelic rock!

Don’t you wish you could be transported back to that magical era of the late 1960s and early 70s when music stretched limits of imagination and seemed to transport you to another world?    Me too.   So I’m bringing you the next best thing – Four hours of nonstop psychedelic music from that era. […]

For What It’s Worth – Wednesday on Dawn Eclectica

Next Wednesday, August 28th, I will roll out a stupendous 22 minute jam by the Grateful Dead at the height of their prowess (Providence 1974), take a dip into French jazz, Bollywood, and bluegrass music from Kora Feder and her mom, fan fav Rita Hosking.   I’ll also showcase an hour’s worth of songs from […]

Dawn Electica

Next Wednesday, July 31 on my show Dawn Eclectica I will set the time machine back 54 years and play songs that were topping the charts on July 31, 1965.   From (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction to  Help Me Rhonda, to Marie (you will remember it when I play it), to You’ve Got Your Troubles, to […]

June 19 – Songs of Heartache, Breakup and Vengeance

Everyone knows the number one topic for songwriting is falling in love.    But a close second?   Falling out of love, for sure.  This Wednesday, June 19 on Dawn Eclectica from 4-7 am I'll present almost 3 hours worth of these tunes.   Songs describing those all-too-familiar emotions of losing love, moping about it, […]

Soak it to Me! – Dawn Eclectica, April 10

How many of you are sick of the rain?   Well, this broadcaster ain't just sitting here getting wet, he's doing something about it.   Are you ready for almost 3 hours of rain songs?    That's what you'll get this Wednesday if you listen to Dawn Ececletica, from 4-7 am (that's morning drive time […]

Zep Willie

Willie Dixon v. Page & Plant: Wednesday March 13

On my show Dawn Eclectica I do an occasional feature called Copycats, where I describe copyright infringement battles between artists and composers.  And If you’ve been following this series, you know that Led Zeppelin is the World Champion of rip off artists. On Led Zepellin II, Zep had a monster hit called “Whole Lotta Love.” […]

Join Me This Saturday Night for A New Experience – Liquid Mind

Welcome to "Liquid Mind," immediately following Dead Air this Saturday March 2 from 10 pm to Midnight. Consciousness expanding music that lends itself to relaxation as well as careful listening; music that blends exquisite jams, experimentation, superb vocal performances, and beautiful harmonies, drawn primarily from the psychedelic, soft blues, moody jazz and acoustic folk genres. […]

It was 50 years ago today…….

On January 30, 1969 the Beatles surprised a central London office and fashion district with an impromptu concert from the roof of the headquarters of the band's multimedia corporation Apple Corps at 3 Savile Row.   The event will forever be noted in history as the last live performance of all four Beatles playing together.   And […]

Nesmith Mania – Wednesday Jan 16 4-7am

Hey hey we're the Monkees!   Michael Nesmith will always be best known as a member of the much beloved and much disparaged 60's pop group, but he did go on to create an impressive body of music that millions still avidly listen to, including this Nesmith Junkie.   Since Michael is coming to do a live […]

2019 – Dawn of a New Era?

It's almost 2019:  a new year, a new Congress and maybe a new President?   After a month's absence, I'm ready to roar into 2019 with another edition of Dawn Eclectica, this Wednesday, January 2 from 4-7 am.   We take another deep dive into the Beatles Super Deluxe 50th anniversary of the White Album, with more […]

The White Album – Reimagined

Did you know there is a brand new version of The White Album?   Thats right, to commemorate the 50th anniversary The Beatles iconic self-titled album, the group has has released a deluxe version of all 30 tracks are newly mixed by producer Giles Martin, son of original album producer George Martin,  joined by 27 early […]

Dec 1 Red Eye – The LONG Version

Why are commercial radio stations so averse to playing any song longer than 5 minutes?    A long song gives the artists a chance to stretch their musical creativity.   And it gives the listener the chance to turn off the external noise and wander around in the mysterious caverns  of the music itself.   Join me on […]

This Wednesday – Turkey Tracks!

In honor of Thanksgiving, Dawn Eclectica on Wednesday November 21 will feature an entire show of "Turkeys."  Turkeys are songs or spoken word tracks that are corny or silly, maybe even stupid, but lovable nevertheless and hard to get out of your head.   Examples are: Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio Express, MacArthur Park by […]

Post Election Eclectica

If you're an election junkie like me, you'll be up at least half the night watching/following election returns Tuesday.    But why stop there?   My show Dawn Eclectica airs from 4-7 am on Wednesday, November 7 – that's right, the morning after the midterm election.  It's very possible the fate of Congress and several […]

Oct 24 – Hear Your Train A Comin’

Why have songs about trains become such an iconic centerpiece of American music? Ever since the underground railroad provided a path out of slavery, trains have represented freedom and escape from a harsh life for African American bluesmen and poor white country singers alike.  There is something about boarding a train that represents escape to […]

Tues Oct 16 – The Other Side of Pink Floyd

Every rock music fan knows about Pink Floyd's famous Dark Side of the Moon, one of the best selling albums of all time, but few are aware of the origins of the band, co-founded by a couple of architecture students at London Polytechnic Institute. Initially led by their their brilliant but mentally unstable guitarist Syd […]

Randy California Rides Again!

In a December edition of my Copycats series, I told the tale of a lawsuit for copyright infringement brought by the estate of Randy California (nee Randy Wolfe) against Jimmy Page and Robert Plant based on the opening chords to Stairway to Heaven. You see, Randy, frontman and lead guitarist of the 60's band Spirit, […]

September 26 Dawn Eclectica – A trip to the 60’s and back

Dawn Eclectica returns on September 26 – will we know the fate of the Supreme Court by then? Who the funk cares? This show will feature a nostalgic return to the 60's – including seldom-played but unforgettable TV themes – as well as some brand new stuff by new and old artists. Michelle Williams and […]

What the heck, stay up all night!

And right after Diana’s Red Eye show, Dawn Eclectica returns, 4-7 am Wednesday 9/12, massaging your musical libido & stimulating your mind.   Azam Ali treats us to a fusion of Indian and Persian music.  George Carlin riffs about baseball, football and religion.   Sample Paul McCartney’s newest album and relax to long jams by […]

Dawn Eclectica – Organized Chaos for your Wednesday Morning

What do Jimmy Durante, Sandy Denny, Miles Davis, Tim McGraw, Magic Giant, Bonnie Raitt and Jethro Tull all have in common?    Why, they will all be played on my show next Wednesday August 22 from 4-7 am.   I have expertly blended 33 songs for your listening pleasure before I take 3 weeks off […]

Dawn Eclectica Aug 15 – A Sea of River Songs

We live in a land full of magical rivers. The Yuba, the American, the Truckee, the Eel, the Sacramento — rivers are the lifeblood of Northern California. And rivers have long been the subject of fascination by musicians and songwriters. So why not celebrate the ebbing summer with a mind-blowing stack of River Songs? I've […]

July 11 – Marvin Gaye ripped off again & WorldFest Artists

On the next edition of Dawn Eclectica with Paul Berger. Previously, Paul's Copycats series explained how Robbin Thicke got into a legal thicket by ripping off Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up" in creating the smash hit "Blurred Lines." So guess what hot new artist was sued by Gaye's estate for copyright infringement just […]

July 4 – Songs of Patriotism, Protest and Political Rabble Rousing

Are you ready for some musical fireworks this 4th of July?  This Wednesday on Dawn Eclectica Paul Berger will present Songs of Patriotism, Protest and Political Rabble Rousing – songs you know well, songs you've never heard of, songs that will make you laugh, cheer, or bring you to tears. They'll all be laid out […]

June 20- Oh, Pretty Lawsuit!

What happens when a rap group blatantly copies a well-known 60’s rock tune for the purpose of skewering it by way of parody? Find out next Wednesday as I continue my Copycats series on the next edition of Dawn Eclectica, 4-7 am. In 1989, 2 Live Crew did a humorous take on Roy Orbison's 1964 […]

June 13 – Songs of California

With the summer solstice fast approaching, we are so out there havin’ fun in the warm California sun!  On the next edition of Dawn Eclectica, I will present a sun-splashed tidal wave of songs celebrating the Golden State. I could probably fill a 6-hour show, but 2+ hours should be enough to get you in […]

Wednesday at Dawn- R&R Hall of Fame Tribute

This Wednesday May 23 on the next installment of Dawn Ecelectica, I will pay tribute to the artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month in Cleveland.   Tasty songs by Nina Simone, the Cars, the Moody Blues, Dire Straits and Bon Jovi (yes, Bon Jovi) will be played throughout the […]

BEATLES: Cover to Cover – Friday RedEye

How many Beatle songs have been covered by other artists? A gazillion. Ever want to hear them played one after another after another? Well, your day (night) has finally arrived. On Friday May 18 (Thursday night) from midnight to 4 am, I present the Beatles Cover to Cover. A megaset of Beatles tunes covered by […]

May 16 at Dawn – Angels in the morning

Wednesday May 16 from 4-7 am – Dawn Eclectica returns.   In the 1960's, Merrilee Rush had a smash hit about premarital sex called Angel of the Morning.  I will reveal the incredible story about how the song "wrote itself" as told by the composer, who also wrote another 60's monster hit (hint: Bull Durham).  Three decades later, […]

April 22 Earth Day – A Sunrise Celebration

This Sunday April 22 is Earth Day – the one day that we celebrate this marvelous planet that keeps us alive all 365 days of the year. And the Paulie Morphous Show will commemorate it from 4-7 am, while you are getting ready to go out and party like there's no tomorrow (because there may […]

April 18 on PMS – The Perfect 3 hour show.

  This Wednesday from 4-7 am, the Paulie Morphous Show returns with a bonus edition, the best set of music that ever filled a 3 hour time-slot.   These songs go together like ham and eggs, like Abbott and Costello, like Donald J. Trump and maligant narcissistic personality disorder.  I will go all over the musical map, […]


April 12 Red Eye – Eclectic and Electric

Paulie Morphous took a break last Sunday, but fear not. I make up for it with an action-packed four hour marathon starting at midnight Thursday —- live performances by the Doors, Traffic, Jeff Beck, Sam Cooke and James Brown; a six-pack of underappreciated Beatles songs, including one featuring commentary by the ER doctor who tried […]


A world in chaos.  Two progressive political leaders assassinated within three months.  A President beleaguered by an unpopular war and challenged by a poetry-quoting intellectual decides not to run again. African American athletes raise their fists in symbolic protest on the Olympic stage.  Riots in the cities and anti-war demonstrations occur on a mass scale. […]


Wednesday at Sunrise: CAR SONGS GALORE!

Do you love car songs as much as I do?    In Larry Lund’s absence, I will be taking over Sunrise Serenade, Wednesday March 14 from 4-7 am.     And I’m going full throttle with car songs.  Not the whole 3 hours, mind you; that would be rude.    But I’ve scoured my music library and have been amazed […]

This Sunday: Brian Wilson – Brilliant Songwriter or Blatant Plagiarist?

Brian Wilson is generally recognized as a musical genius.   Heck, even Paul McCartney said Wilson was a big influence on him and called "God Only Knows" the greatest song ever written.   But history shows even the famous Beach Boy was capable of imitation on a grand scale.   Surfin' USA was the Beach Boys' first big […]

Saturday’s Red Eye – Dazed and Eventually Sued

      On the next Red Eye Radio midnight to 4 am this Saturday February 17, I’ll continue with my Copycats series.   Learn how Jimmy Page and his publisher were sued for copyright infringement by the guy who wrote the Dr. Pepper commercial!  But why did he wait more than 40 years to […]

I’m Schizophrenic And So Am I – Sunday morning on PMS

Did famed rock star John Fogerty plagiarize himself?   That was the accusation in a notorious lawsuit brought in 1993 by the owner of the copyright to a Credence Clearwater song Old Fogerty wrote 23 years earlier.   Learn the whole fascinating story in the next edition of Copycats this Sunday from 4-7 am on […]

Put some disco in your coffee

Sunday morning insomniacs (this means you Susan) unite!   The Paulie Morphous Show arrives on January 28 at 4 am and will keep you on your toes til 7.   Interesting blend of psychedelic rock, pop, country, bluegrass and jazz with little Elvis thrown in.    The next chapter of Copycats features Robin Thicke getting […]

Wednesday Red Eye – Radio Worth Watching

  From 12-4 am next Wednesday, January 24 (that's late late Tuesday night for you working folks), Paulie morphs back onto the airwaves for a special Red Eye Radio.   Hear gorgeous cover songs by Fairport Convention, Eric Clapton and the Wallflowers.   On the next edition of Copycats, Sam Smith thinks he wrote a […]

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