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On the next edition of The Other Side: Sequestered episode 15 “Muzak & Elevator Music”.

On the next edition of The Other Side: Sequestered episode 15 “Muzak & Elevator Music”. I prefer the term furniture music which was coined by composer Erik Satie back in 1917, but sadly that term essentially disappeared soon after. In modern times it is referred to as background music, easy listening and mood music, or perhaps in […]

The Other Side – Sequestered #14 “Self Portraits – A Tribute to Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait Sessions”

On this week’s Other Side we feature a recent interview with Nevada County musician and producer Robert Heirendt as we discuss and listen to the recent release of his latest project featuring 17 diverse artists and tracks paying tribute to Bob Dylan’s infamous 1970 Self Portrait album. Below are a series of links where you […]

The Other Side Sequestered Episode #10: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

This week’s Other Side Episode #10 of our Sequestered series and recorded at the TOS home studio, features tons of music from Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar winning 2019 movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. Heads up as there’s over two hours of classic moments from Mr. T’s latest, and we’ll be doing our best to […]

The Other Side – Sequestered Episode #8 Kathryn Williams

English singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams only spent about $100 to record her debut album “Dog Leap Stairs” in 1999, but she soon gained attention outside her native Liverpool, and was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize the following year. Guest host Mark Leviton profiles this poetic talent, who has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake […]

On the next edition of The Other Side: “Glitter, Glam & Born to Boogie – Part 1” – Tuesday March 10, 2020

Musically we came out of the 60s with a lot of protest, freedom of expression and un-plugging from the system. The 70s pushed back on the sound, but amplified these themes. Glam or Glam Rock found its expression through dress, pushing boundaries and throwing a party. This is rebel music, that is a relevant today […]

On the next edition of The Other Side: “Thurston Moore Part II”

During his tenure as a member of the avant-garde rock band Sonic Youth, guitarist Thurston Moore was releasing some of his most psychedelic, noisiest and extreme music on solo and collaborative projects of his own. Guest host Mark Leviton presents Part II of his profile of Mr. Moore’s improvisational prowess on the next edition of […]

The Beer Show with The Suds Buds – episode #19

Here is episode #19 of The Beer Show featuring local breweries that won medals at this years Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colo. Representatives of the brewers will be in the studio to talk about their medal wins. On the first half of the show we will feature FiftyFifty Brewing Company in Truckee, Alaro […]


A Special 2 Hour Good News Show on on Public Safety featuring numerous Nevada County Representatives

Thursday June 28, from 11AM-1PM we're going to have a special Good News Show broadcast featuring representatives from all around Nevada County, including: Yuba River Cohort & Law Enforcement Public Safety, CalFIRE, Nevada County Consolidated Fire district, United States Forest Service, Office of Emergency Services and the Nevada County Citizen’s Academy. We'll hear from each […]


musings from the other side… Richard Dunk RIP

My friend and longtime KVMR broadcaster Richard Dunk has moved on to the other side. A beautiful mind full of creative passion for FM radio in the truest sense, Richard reached deep into the airwaves for nearly 25 years at KVMR. I knew him early on as an impulsive voice that at times could be […]

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