April 18 on PMS – The Perfect 3 hour show.

Written by on April 15, 2018


This Wednesday from 4-7 am, the Paulie Morphous Show returns with a bonus edition, the best set of music that ever filled a 3 hour time-slot.   These songs go together like ham and eggs, like Abbott and Costello, like Donald J. Trump and maligant narcissistic personality disorder.  I will go all over the musical map, both genre-wise and time period wise.   A fun-packed musical journey that will have you reflecting on the meaning of life and dancing around your kitchen, in equal portions.  I bring back my Copycats series – legal battles involving an artist/songwriter who is accused of ripping off an earlier song.  This time, Huey Lewis writes a song whose unmistakeable bass line riff is hijacked by the title song of a runaway smash hit movie.   Did Huey take it lying down, or did he make some News?  Plus:  Seven songs about the moon, jazz, blues, rock, folk, reggae, 50’s, 70’s, new stuff.  It’s all there in perfect sequence.   I’m so excited I’ve listened to the playlist 3 times already.   Listen live or stream it on demand at archive.kvmr.org.  

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