A Special 2 Hour Good News Show on on Public Safety featuring numerous Nevada County Representatives

Written by on June 23, 2018

Thursday June 28, from 11AM-1PM we're going to have a special Good News Show broadcast featuring representatives from all around Nevada County, including: Yuba River Cohort & Law Enforcement Public Safety, CalFIRE, Nevada County Consolidated Fire district, United States Forest Service, Office of Emergency Services and the Nevada County Citizen’s Academy. We'll hear from each of these organizations and have Q&A with host Mikail Graham and special cohost, KVMR News Director Paul Emery, plus we'll be taking your calls and more. That's The Good News Show at a special time Thursday from 11AM-1PM, and only on KVMR.

Below is a tentative schedule of what to expect during our four 1/2 hour sgements.

1.       Yuba River Public Safety Cohort Overview (11:00-11:30AM): Supervisor Weston; Supervisor Hall; SYRCL

a.       Background & Overview

b.      Purpose

c.       County Initiative

d.      6 Key Message on Public Safety

2.       Law Enforcement/Public Safety (11:30-12:00): Sheriff's Office, State Parks, OES

a.       Agency Overviews

b.      Joint Agency Task Force Initiative

c.       Communication Strategies (call boxes, satellite phones, First Net)

d.      Code Red 

e.      6 Key Message on Public Safety

3.       Fire (12:00-12:30): CalFIRE, NCCFD, USFS, OES/County PIO

a.       Agencies Overview

b.      Fire Dangers

c.       River Safety 

d.      Code Red 

e.      6 Key Message on Public Safety

4.       Nevada County Citizen’s Academy (12:30-1:00): County CEO's Office

a.       Program Overview

b.      Guest & Discussion

c.       Info to apply

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