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Sandy Smith

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I'm a graduate of the Broadcaster Training Class of 2011 and being a KVMR broadcaster has been one of the most entertaining experiences of my life. I've met some great people and had the opportunity to do some pretty interesting things, with sharing music with my listeners being one of best, so let's start there...


My show is aptly called "Red, White, & Blues" and I named it that for a reason; Red for Rock, White for Country/Folk/Americana, and Blue for Blues...Got it? I feel that Rock, Country/Folk/Americana, and Blues are endemic to American music and the American way of life…They speak to our culture and heritage and are uniquely American. Over time, these genres have evolved, and spread throughout the world, however, the music that I choose to play started here, and tell “our” story. This is what I try to share with my listening audience, with the music I select for each show. My goal is to provide my listeners with songs that speak to them in their minds, hearts, and souls; keeping them company in both the good times as well as the times when they’re down, as they travel their life’s road. I always preplan my show, however, if a listener calls in a request, that's not a problem...If I can find it in our library or my own, I'll be more than happy put it on the air. Being involved at KVMR has become a second career for me...What else have I been able to do at KVMR?  I've helped train and certify new broadcasters, learned some audio engineering techniques, met some recording artists, and been able to work with some pretty sophisticated equipment. Besides broadcasting itself, the single biggest thing I've learned is being exposed to new music, and different ideas about music, which has been an education all by itself.