Ric O'Shea

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"I love new music. I love music! For years I was a closet DJ. Always dragging people into my room or my car to listen. Willow, my wife lured me to Nevada City, partly with KVMR. 'You could be on the radio,' she told me.

Len Gorsky was teaching the KVMR broadcasting class ... I almost quit because it sounded so hard. 'Only two or three of the fifty here will have


regular shows. Maybe one of you will be able to do shows without hours of preparation,' he told us.

I suppose I was that one; for 11 years I've done shows from the heart, driven purely by my love of music.

In September '99 I opted to give up my regular show (after 10 years). KVMR is still my passion and I drop in as often as I can. Stay tuned!"

Rick broadcast for KVMR live from the World Music Festival 2000. Don't you want to hear more from him soon?