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Kristin Steindorf

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"I like to interweave literature with music," Kristin Steindorff explains relating to the colorful tunes accompanying her story telling.

Executive producer of All Together Now, Kristin's programming is designed to


entertain children aged three to twelve ... as well as their listening parents. The various hosts of the program read interesting, amusing, educational, poignant stories and/or poetry. "We intersperse the hour with the newest and best in children's music. No matter what your age, my goal is for you to be delighted by this hour of unique entertainment," Kristin says.

Kristin says that along with her love for music and literature she also enjoys being a teacher, "I have two growing children of my own, and I believe in having music and stories that are positive, appealing, educational and age-appropriate in their environment. And, I like my show to interest listeners on a lot of different levels."

A KVMR volunteer since 1993, Kristin became a station broadcaster in 1995. Along with her love of literature (Jane Yolen's books, especially the Commander Toad series are special favorites) Kristin also has a wide range of musical appreciation. She lists Sweet Honey in the Rock, Taj Mahal, Van Morrison, The Greatful Dead, jazz, the Blues, Rock, Folk and Celtic as favorites.