Jes Taber

Jes Taber, Room Temperature Butter, No Permanent Show To Date
underground/independent rock, dream pop, indie, tropicali, folk, freakfolk & psychedelia
Room Temperature Butter aims to provide a departure from the every day monotony,  the work day, daily 
commute, & home life into a portal of dream infused music that enchants the young and experienced alike. To put it 
plainly it's a music program that will offer live in studio music when available, special guests as that will 
share stories, and a “recipe” of the day. I put recipe in quotations as sometimes it may just be the “best way to hard boil 
an egg and peel it”, other times it may be the best “macaroni & cheese in minutes". I want to incorporate my knowledge 
of local and bay area small/independent music acts and my love and passion for food and cooking.