Her name is Leia, but you can call her Fey. The ways of the fey are not our ways; they are mysterious to us, both beautiful and terrifying. The fair folk - as we ought to call them, so as not to arouse their considerable wrath - are tricksters and shapeshifters, who charm and confuse the uninitiated, sometimes providing unexpected help, occasionally bringing utter inescapable ruin.

But they do know how bring the Groove when 'tis time to do so, and the Feral Ms. Leia is no exception. From 10pm to the Witching Hour, every other Saturn's Day, the unsuspecting radio-dial traveler may find hirself entranced and entwined in the pulsing rhythms and sensuous sirensong of the Great Ongoing Groove, the heartbeat behind the surface of this illusion we call Reality.

Those pure of heart and loose of hip who seek such things may also find Fey magically binding the wee hours of Saturn's Day, or the late-late hours of Frith's Day, as one of the rotating "Night Vision" broadcasters, bringing the strange and evocative to life from midnight to 4am over that holiest of holies, the Weekend.

Dare to enter her world, Mortal, and discover your soul's true face; tap into the Universal Muse whilst shaking your righteous booty. Life is short and boredom is the enemy. The bohemian groove awaits.
-- by t.e. wolfe