Barbara Lowell

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As a long-time, regular listener and supporter of community radio, Barbara treasures the diverse music programming presented by KVMR, as well as the wide array of independent news sources, the live music broadcasts, and the "home grown," community-based flavor of the station's entertainment and news programming.

Barbara has been a KVMR volunteer broadcaster for the past several years.  She regularly appears on the early morning Red Eye Radio program and the Monday Night Women's Show (as part of the KVMR Women's Collective) and fills in for other broadcasters.  Barbara was in the 2008 KVMR Broadcaster Training class along with Michael Young, current KVMR Board President, as well as many other volunteer broadcasters who are now KVMR on-air regulars.  For Barbara's on-air mentoring, she had the pleasure of spending time with Kim Bryant on Right Place Right Time, with Lee Osborne on Conant Road, and with John Taber on Saturday Morning Live.  As Lee Osborne completed his term of service on KVMR's Board of Directors, Barbara moved into her broadcasting mentor's seat on the board, taking her turn serving the KVMR listening community as many volunteer broadcasters have done through the years.

Originally from Minnesota, Barbara graduated with an accounting degree from the University of Minnesota.  She worked for many years in CPA firms doing accounting, auditing, and tax and business consulting.  She audited lumber yards, builders and developers, a large metropolitan school district, and many rural and small town banks.  Barbara prepared tax returns for corporations, partnerships, and individuals and prepared informational filings for non-profits, profit sharing plans, and retirement plans.  Barbara spent many years managing a dermatology clinic and cosmetic surgery center with four office locations. She was also an accounting manager for a high-tech manufacturing company and worked as an accounting and financial personnel recruiter.

For the past several years, Barbara has been focused on raising her two, young children. She has also volunteered with local, community organizations.  Barbara assists the local nonprofit Hospitality House organization with its accounting. She is also a regular volunteer at Yuba River Charter School.

Barbara lives in Grass Valley with her husband, Paul Barbieri, and their children, Eli and Julia.  Paul is also a KVMR volunteer broadcaster. He can be found occasionally hosting the Red Eye Radio program and filling in for other broadcasters.