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Marc Cuniberti

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Marc Cuniberti is a baby boomer, born and raised in Daly City, California, participating in all the usual shenanigans that the baby boomer kids participated in. Active in sports and a karate buff since age 13, playing football thru high school, Marc is the youngest of 4 children. Marc is an avid guitar player, receiving his first guitar at age 8. Marc doesn't talk about his music career much but to say it was larger then life and just as painful. He says music left with burnt out ears, lots of money and a bunch of scary memories, those that he can recall anyway.

Recovering from the wild ride of early success, he retired to Catalina Island to recover and rethink his life.

Moving back to the mainland in 1974, he decided to try and live a normal life.

"I thought I would live a lot longer if I got up at 7:00 am instead of going to bed at that time."

Receiving his college degree in Economics from San Diego State University in 1979, Marc became an early entrepreneur, buying his first piece of real estate at age 26 and parlaying one property into many, also buying a string of laundry mats with the proceeds.

"Working for myself has always been a thing of mine".

Marc resided in Marin County for the next 15 years.

In 1982, a personal re-evaluation led him into the corporate life, applying newly learned sales and engineering skills into industrial machinery sales, yet always maintaining his investments and interest in economics.

"I have always loved the markets and played in them throughout my life. They say you're not somebody until you owe a lot of money and lost a lot. I excelled at both, learning the whole way. I think it was always preparatory. If I hadn't done the things I did, I wouldn't know now what I know. As they say, it's all good."

In 1997 he married and quit the corporate world to concentrate full time on his own business. Moving to Grass Valley in 1999 to "fish more" and have "some kids", he soon found KVMR on the radio dial and earned his broadcasting certification in 2000.

Substituting for " whoever would have me", he first held a midnight to 4 am slot called " Midnight Madness", then moved into the "Good Morning America" show on Monday mornings from 4 :00 to 7 :00am.

His " Center Stage" interview specials included live interviews with some of the biggest names in the music business, which included Peter Frampton, The Grateful Dead, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Graham Nash, Mary Black, The Jefferson Airplane and others.

His other memorable shows include a 2 hour special with Navy Seal Curt Campbell and his infamous "ice cream" show.

During his morning show, Marc became well known for his controversial views and opinions, as well as his cd give-aways, where over the course of 3 years, over 1000 cds were given to away to KVMR listeners.

His controversial views eventually led to what Marc calls "discussions" and "reoccurring probation", at which point he felt he needed to seek out a different direction.

"I went to management and told them I had an idea for a radical new economic show, contrary to what the main stream press was saying about our economy and how it fit right up KVMR's ideology of bringing alternative views to market. I think maybe they thought the show would flop and I would go away."

Money Matters aired and the response was tremendous. After 3 trial shows, the show was awarded a permanent slot and the rest is history.

Marc now has 3 children, ages 3, 5 and 7 and lives in Grass Valley with his wife Miko.