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KVMR's Community Calendar and Public Service Announcement Submission Form PSA Community Calendar Submission Guidelines.
If you have any issues or suggestions about this new form, please contact its Creator,
"online at" (that's an Email address!) - It's Paule Castro.

Please follow these guidelines closely. Doing so will make it more likely that your Public Service or Community Calendar Announcement will be read on the air.
Red - >*< - Items Are REQUIRED before you can Submit!
  • Include all the pertinent information: Who, What, When, Where, Why
  • Use complete sentences (not just a list of details). Short, simple sentences are best.
  • No editorial comments allowed: PSAs must not imply that KVMR is taking any position.
  • Include concise contact information that can be both read and remembered easily (not several names and numbers, or complex URLs)
  • Don't use ALL CAPS
  • If appropriate, add phonetic pronunciation, particularly with names like KAY VEE EM ARE
  • No prices may be mentioned in your announcements.
  • No announcements for political fundraising or candidates are permitted.
  • The total length should be such that it can be read in 15 seconds or less. Read it alound yourself and time it!
  • You may add Extra Info (not to be read on the air) that we may tell listeners who call for more information, such as prices
    * Limited to one-time events
    * Public-sponsored events and not-for-profit fundraisers
    * Art and entertainment events such as concerts
    * Meetings
    * Workshops, seminars
    * Lessons and classes
    * Repeat entertainment events that occur on a regular or frequent basis