with Patricia Smith

Flea Market

Broadcast Day/Time: 
1PM - 2PM, Thursdays

If you have something to buy, sell, swap, trade or just plain give away, the Flea Market is the place to do it on Thursday afternoons from 1-2pm here on KVMR-FM with Glenn Far -- Call 530-265-9555 or toll free 800-355-5867(KVMR)

You can also register for an online account by clicking here, wait for approval, and then submit items to the Flea Market when ever you want...

The Flea Market is for private parties only, please, no weapons, alcohol, chemicals, jobs offered or wanted and no real estate. Buyer beware, KVMR accepts no responsibility for any transaction entered online or as a result of the show. We filter entries for obvious spam but we do not vet individual sellers.

Click Here for the KVMR Flea Market website.