Road Dog Radio

ROAD DOG /rod dog/ (n); homie, friend, buddy, associate, crony, comrade, partner in crime RADIO /rad.e.o/ (n) : the wireless transmission of electronic impulses ROAD DOG RADIO: a show on KVMR FM Community Radio hosted by Edy Cassell airing on alternate Thursday evenings from 10 pm until midnight, featuring a wide variety of music from commercial and independent artists within and throughout the eclectic genres of rap, hip hop, funk, soul, electronica, turntablism, and beyond. “We started as one, then we drifted, separated as continents that shifted….all the pieces fit can’t you see the togetherness visionary Pangaea….” So begins the Road Dog Radio opening song “Pangaea” by the Visionaries. Perhaps you’ve tuned in by chance late on a Thursday night, heard rap music, and turned the radio right off again, muttering in protest. Or perhaps you’ve taken a few moments to actually feel the beat and listen to the lyrics, and thought to yourself, hey, this is pretty powerful stuff. Whichever camp you fall into, if you’re not already an initiate of hip hop music, Edy feels sure that if you listen you’ll be won over. For Edy, her love of hip hop music began in the BeatStreet days of the early 80’s. Perhaps the only person in her home state of Vermont to listen to much less memorize the lyrics to Grandmaster Flash’s groundbreaking album “The Message,” Edy owes her early exposure to hip hop music to CHOM FM, an album oriented radio station broadcasting out of Montreal, Canada. Though her taste in music is full spectrum and eclectic, the beats and scratches and rhymes of hip hop have always spoken the loudest to her sensibilities. A testament to the “bad rap” hip hop has gotten over the years, her pet peeve is asking someone what kind of music they like and having them respond with “everything but rap.” By presenting a show that features an eclectic mix of conscious and intelligent rhymes and compelling and complex beats and scratches she hopes to open a few minds and bring a few fans over to the genre. “The messages in the music I play apply to everybody. That’s what people need to realize….our struggles and challenges and for that matter our triumphs and achievements are ultimately the same.” Edy had the usual teenage aspirations of being a DJ, and managed to gain a small amount of junior high fame with her popular and highly coveted party mix tapes. It wasn’t until moving to Nevada County in 2002 and landing a job as the Volunteer Director at KVMR that her fantasy became reality, even receiving the KVMR “Rookie of the Year” award in 2006. Since then she has been sailing on the winds of that prestigious winning and biding her time until inevitable listener demand places her into a primetime slot.

2nd and 4th Thursday, 10PM