The Beer Show

Tom Dalldorf
Broadcast Day/Time: 
12:05p-1p Occasional Fridays

Join hosts Tom Dalldorf, editor and publisher of Celebrator Beer News, and KVMR's own Wesley Robertson, host of Rockin-N-Stompin for a show aimed at promoting craft beer knowledge and good beer appreciation, and of course to entertain KVMR radio’s audience.

The goal of the show is to inform listeners of the most current news about all things associated with the craft beer world, to be a vehicle for listeners to access expert information in an interactive way (call-ins) in subjects such as home brewing, new industry trends and updates on regional events associated with the ever-expanding craft beer culture and to bring awareness and informed appreciation of craft beer to the KVMR community.

Check the KVMR Program Schedule for more info on when this great tasting program will be airing next!

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