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Time for the 'Mothership' Membership Drive Juggler

It's that time of year when Nevada City radio station KVMR 89.5 FM Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly finds herself a juggler.

That's because the station's spring membership drive -- complete with a  spacy "KVMR: Love Your Mothership" theme -- starts this coming Monday.

"If I'm a juggler, let's just say it's like I've got a dozen balls in the air,"  she says with a laugh.  "Sometimes, they seem like bowling balls."

A drive finds Adriana hard at work coordinating all aspects of it, whether it's thank you gifts, membership cards, renewal notices, its theme, special program development, fulfillment.  And the list goes on.   And, gulp, on.

Still, she admits she can really enjoy the on-air fundraising.

"I like talking to the members and the party atmosphere of the drive," she revealed. "One day, it's a guy who helped start Atari, the next day it can be someone who was invited to the Playboy Mansion's Halloween Party."

"And the drives produce extra good programming that brings broadcasters and volunteers together,"  she continued.  "Usually, it's (the broadcaster) are alone in a room doing it, but the drive makes it more participatory."

According to Kelly, it's "a good job to have a good sense of humor because you deal with so many different kinds of people."

Sense of humor?

"She's beyond bubbly," grinned volunteer broadcaster Chris Towne.  "Really, she's enthusiastic yet focused  all the time."

One co-worker called her "irrascibly  irreverent" in her humor.

Kelly has had a series of odd jobs throughout her life but found herself working in non-profits  for the past five or six years, including the last two at KVMR.

"As a kid, my dream was to become the county librarian,"  she recalled. "So, like libraries, public radio is free and it's also an arts organization that produces cultural literacy."

Adriana has lived in Nevada County, "on and off," since 1975. She and her two sons all "learned how to swim in the Yuba (river)." .

Meanwhile, back at the non-commercial Nevada City station, Kelly is hoping to become a volunteer KVMR broadcaster after she completes in-studio training.

And she's gotten a kick coordinating and participating in "lapsed member call night", where volunteers call folks whose station memberships have expired to invite them to rejoin.    Claims Adriana, "it's a lot of fun and very rewarding." 

Now, as far as those balls in the air go, she's also grateful for membership associate and fellow "juggler" Jessica Faulks, who volunteered for a year in the department before getting a part-time job.

Oh, and there's that membership drive phone number -- 530/265-9555 -- and website help keep new and  renewing revenue coming the station's way.

It's the way to keep these membership staffers -- and KVMR's volunteers -- nice and busy the next couple of weeks.

(A weekly wrap-up of news and oddities about community radio station KVMR (89.5 FM, streaming), a noncommercial station offering diverse musical programming, independent news and provocative public affairs from about 180 volunteer "citizen-broadcasters."  A video  and other information about the station's new building is available at <>  Complete program listings are available at )