They're Dripping with Inspiration at KVMR: Winter Membership Special Programming Starts Monday


At KVMR 89.5 FM, the on-air winter membership drive starts this coming Monday morning and goes for a week. 

But station officials say that simply means it's time to tune in and participate. 

"This is our three-time-a-year opportunity to tell our listeners our real story," explains KVMR Program Director Steve Baker, smilingly noting it used to be four times annually.  

"We make the case why independent, non-commercial media is essential  to our community," according to Baker, "It's a source of pride we instill in broadcasters to realize these on-air membership drives are our chance to inspire our listeners with unusual and creative programming."

And, ironically, or maybe just copacetic, KVMR membership coordinator Adrianna Kelly says the winter drive theme is, yup, "Get Inspired".

"We'll feature shows about activist heroes, we'll present music that inspires, we'll tell you things to make you stand up and fight back, when necessary," she beams. 



The station's Latin music show, "South Of The Border", takes a turn to the north when it brings members of the Royal Chicano Air Force art collective --including Rudy Cuellar and Stan Padilla -- to the radio station's 10 a.m. to noon Monday morning spot. 

They're among dozens of Latin activists who have fought to pursue recognition and knowledge of the rich Hispanic cultural and political heritage in the Sacramento area. 

"Their overpowering view of culture ignored by the mainstream gives them an incredible base of strength that they won't be shoved aside anymore," explains Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly. "You will simply love this."

Meanwhile, Tuesday Morning Show host Paul Emery will be offering up still another set of the 100 best songs of all time.  Always a popular collector's item, it comes with free tickets to upcoming Nevada Theatre music and entertainment activities. 

With a special 10 a.m. Tuesday program, KVMR ovolunteer broadcaster Mark Leviton, a former boxed set album producer at the fabled Rhino Records label in Los Angeles, gathers up the best of the " Get Inspired" songs of years-gone-by  for what Kelly calls "an unforgettable membership drive special."




In the late 1990s, KVMR listeners vividly followed the exploits of young treesitter Julia Butterfly Hill, an environmental activist fighting against Pacific Lumber corporate interests who wanted to cut down the tree where she sat to protect it and nearby trees from clear-cutting.  

The tree's name was Luna, and Julia was there, at age 23,  for over two years of high winds, heavy rains, and lumber company shenanigans. 

She recalls the very first day she went up in it. 

"An hour and a half after reaching the base of the tree, we got the last of the provisions up. By then it was midnight. Finally, I was able to put on the harness and ascend Luna. It seemed an exhausting eternity before I reached the top. When I finally got there, I untangled myself from the harness and looked around for a place to collapse."

Now she's a motivational speaker, an activist for youth movements and lives right here in Grass Valley. 

She'll be Joyce Miller's special guest for an hour "Talkies" this Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m.

That'll be followed by epic tales of the Women's March on Washington by KVMR broadcaster and participant Elisa Parker at 1 p.m. 

And, of course, Tuesday Music Magazine host Johnny Gallagher will be offering special thank you gifts to his Valentines Day listeners from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

"It's where we pamper our listeners, and hope they enrich us with their kind contributions in return," smiles the former San Francisco recreational park director turned KVMR volunteer broadcaster. 

Twenty years ago, Julia Butterfly Hill became an environmental hero when she lived over two years in an ancient Redwood tree named Luna to protect it and nearby trees from clearcutting. Now living here, she'll be Joyce Miller's in-studio guest Tuesday at noon during the station's "Get Inspired" membership drive on KVMR.



Better watch out next Wednesday. 

For the first time ever, longtime roots music host Wesley Robertson and guitarist extraordinaire Bob Woods unveil the best of Woods' dozen-plus Fender Telecaster Guitar specials, both letting listeners experience the dozens of superstar guitarists who've used the historic instrument and talking about how this guitar achieved its reputation.

They'll offer leading versions of Telecaster recordings as thank you gifts to new or renewing KVMR members during the Telecaster extravaganza, from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday.

"Bob knows these guitars back and forth and then some," notes Robertson, usually heard Saturday afternoons. "We'll give our station's vintage -- and new -- listeners a real guitar run for their money...which they'll hopefully donate our (KVMR) way."

As for Woods, says Robertson, "he really knows what he's talking about. These have been among the most popular specials we've ever had."

"I hate to say it, but it's educational, only with an enhanced fun additive," grins Wesley. 



Just before those guitars are unpacked, Undernews host Jeanie Keltner -- former editor of the Sacramento progressive newspaper "Because People Matter" -- will be talking with a leading analyst of international geopolitics and economics Wednesday at noon on KVMR.

He's F. William Engdahl, author of the best selling book, "A Century of War: Anglo American Politics and the New World Order."  

Engdahl claims the U.S., via the CIA, has been funding and arming fanatic fundamentalist elements, creating a pretext for perennial military intervention. 

"The metaphor is riding a tiger: easier to get on than to get off," according to Keltner. 



Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks left us far too soon at age 67, most would say, and new KVMR Thursday Morning Show host Paul Barbieri will be offering a special package of  Allman Brothers recordings featuring Trucks, their longtime drummer, at his best.  

It'll be part of a special Thursday Morning Show during the "Get Inspired" winter membership drive through Sunday, February 19.

"I'll feature selections highlighting Butch's longtime contributions to the southern rock sounds the Allman Brothers practically invented themselves." says Barbieri.  "Butch will be missed."

And alternating Thursday host Cheri Snook will likely have something up her sleeve, too. 


The membership drive officially begins this coming Monday, February 13th,  and runs through Sunday, February 19th, at telephone 530/265-9555 and at online.