"Sira" Record Review [World Music]

Rich Wills

This duo, composed of Ablaye Cissoko (composer, kora & vocals) and Volker Goetze (trumpet, composer & producer) offer a pleasant and relaxing world music listening experience. Cissoko certainly shouldn't be unfavorably compared to Toumani Diabate as JAZZTIMES reviewer Bill Milkowski rudely did last year. Nor should the music be judged against the strictures of jazz inprovization.

While not earthshaking, the tunes here have considerable charm and stature. Cissoko's smooth voice graces the traditional piece, "Manssani Cisse" while his mellifluous Kora notes provide openings for Goetze who's measured trumpet work stays true to the marrow of the music. The unison approach on "Domain Domain"  quickly catches one's attention and admiration. On balance, this is a fine effort that can be substantially recommended.

Recorded 2007-8, St Louis, Senegal. Released in USA, 2012, by Motema Music

Listen on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRX17iDrrgQ

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