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KVMR Now Offering Starlight's Star Forecast Each Weekday Morning

It just sounds so, um, Ridge-y, we guess the word would be. 

She calls herself Starlight Kompost, with roots deep on the fabled San Juan Ridge where she's lived since age 3, and lately Starlight has been doing a weekday two-minute astrological report, "Star's Stars", Mondays through Fridays around 8:10 a.m. on KVMR-FM (89.5 FM, kvmr.org streaming).

"It's sort of like a happy marriage," smiles KVMR Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly, who was an advocate for the new feature. "It reminds me of the old days' KVMR and it fits the old school iconoclast hippie paradigm, but Starlight's got this love of language that just...works." 

Starlight was better known as Inga Starr as a youngster, and her family started the equally legendary Mother Truckers market on the Ridge in 1975. 

"We made our own village vibe there," she remembers. "I'd walk down there just to be part of the community hub-bub." 

Still Inga, she spent four years starting in 1988 on a Peace Walk around the world, visiting 27 different countries. That number she remembered very specifically; when you're walking like that, it's probably easier to remember because of the time you spend...walking.

The name change to Starlight Kompost happened at the March Equinox of 1994 "when I needed something to cheer me up." according to Kompost. 

The love of Asian astrological forecasting came later, in 2000, when she recalls with an irresistible smile, "I had these visions from God, to use a loaded word." 

"These numbers came in human form," Starlight says, "and they were hovering over me when I woke up." 

She's been doing what she calls multi-cultural cosmology readings now for some 17 years, and she says she takes time to notice the words and language that "gives people the A-Ha" effect. 

Like when they realize something she's told them seems to truly matter to them them, "A-Ha". 

In fact, that's how Kompost ends each of her radio reports, with "A-Ha." 

"When you're working with somebody, so you're trying to get them to have what I call truth bumps, like goosebumps when the right word or phrase resonates. Then, it's like a ringing bell to them." 


She still lives the Ridge lifestyle, off the grid, walking not riding places whenever she can.  Her husband's a luthier who makes custom guitars. They have two sons, ages 19 and 21. 

Speaking of her language, it's hard not to like it. 

Last Monday, for instance, "the moon is in the bunny rabbit house today, and you're making lots of yummy food for your little bunny rabbit children."

And the proverb riddle of the day was "Does a rabbit always have three entrances to its den? A-Ha..."

Starlight also offers her daily multi-cultural cosmology forecasts via a phone recording at 530/265-7665

"And if you get the chance to get your chart read by her, don't miss it," adds KVMR's Kelly. "She's amazingly right on."

Kompost recently did a noon Talkies  personal reading special on KVMR where she told one call-in listener she had "iron tiger-like energy" as a communicator, another that "I'm in the same clan as you -- I'm a glacier wolf, too." 

Oh, and the one caller who was a bit troubled. 

"Take a two hour bath a day or hot tub, maybe a sauna, each day. It'll make you feel strong, like hot peppers." 

After the show, Starlight explained, "it'd be the best thing he could do. Those two hours will really open him up." 

Another A-Ha moment, duly noted. 


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Paul Emery is scheduled to have his oldest in-studio performer next Tuesday (April 11) when KVMR friend Tom Christison of Woodland is in to play and pick some of his original songs aroud 9 a.m.  

Tom, who started playing guitar in his mid-80s, turns 95 in June this year, breaking Christison's own record from last year when he performed on Emery's Morning Show as he was about to turn 94.