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KVMR Fetes Volunteers At Holiday Awards Shindig

As well over 250 star-gazing KVMR 89.5 FM volunteers and broadcasters gathered at the Miner's Foundry Great Hall to watch the Nevada City radio station's holiday awards ceremony Tuesday, the post-dinner gala led off with the unbridled enthusiasm of longtime volunteer coordinator Edy Cassell -- and new co-volunteer coordinator Sue Lunsford -- trying to get their ducks in a row. 

Okay, not ducks, but volunteers. 

It didn't take long to get peoples' attention when Cassell named a retired San Juan Ridge teacher the Volunteer of the Year. 

"Ralph Henson...where to begin?" Edy says with a smile. Longtime program committee member. Years and years scheduling late night broadcasters. 

"But this year he did something very different because he took on tracking our newbie certification process, from re-writing documents related to certification,  to working one-on-one to keep new broadcasters' skill set up to par," she says.  "Not only that, Ralph does the actual middle of the night certifications, and he's working on a new Story Catchers production to capture  memories and amazing tales within the county."

And he organized an on-site art show, helped get the "Sages Among Us" interview series off the ground and coordinated the moving of 40,000 or so physical CDs from across the street to the station's new facility. 

Two other volunteers were inducted into the station's Volunteer Hall of Fame for distinct skills they bring to the volunteer sphere:

--Therese Tesene, for her service as board scribe, taking minutes for seven years and sending them out to the board.  Tesene comes to table having been a Bay Area City Clerk.

"It's a somewhat thankless and behind the scenes task," says Edy. "She is a steady and competent presence doing it for us."

--Doug Austin, for volunteering photographic services at just about each and every holiday party to produced a massive 300-person of volunteers, broadcasters and staff photograph in the Miner's foundry. Austin volunteer times dates  back to around 2002. 

Meanwhile, longtime front desk volunteer Linda Wallace won the "Unsung Hero Award". 

"She's always helping with pledge drives and events, but it's the little things like she washes our dish towels once a month, does a lot of cleanup around the place," notes Edy. 

KVMR's fabled live remote music festival broadcasts produced a series of volunteer awards as well. 

Lynn Heintz and John Adams won the "In The Trenches" awards for their work on the remotes, while Mari Tonin was honored for her work getting young bands to cooperate on FCC language. 

Let's just say Mari's award was the "Doo Doo Diligence Award for Fussin' About the Cussin' during Live Remote Broadcasts."

in addition, Sacramento Dave won an Engineering Department Award for his remote work, and Allen Aastrom won for "Leading The Charge" of the live broadcasts. 

Dawn Fischer was honored for her work as the organizer and editor of the KVMR 2016 Eating Radio Cookbook. 

She got the "Chief Alchemist Award" for "taking a pinch of this and a dash of that" and making it into a new recipe book. 

Peter Lang, Jeffrey Boylan and Jeffrey Thorsby were honored for their "off-campus" work keeping the station's archives going.  

Membership Department honors were given by coordinator Adrianna Kelly to Beth-Ann Roessler for the "Ticket Master Award" and to intern Alex Keith for his "Crazy Awesome Creative Genius Award" on multiple designs he created. 

Meanwhile,  Barbara  Graves and Gary Gustafson were honore for their work in bringing new ways to read and acknowledge community calend and public service announcements. 


Each year, Sacramento photographer Doug Austin volunteers his time to make sure KVMR volunteers all get to be in a photo together. This year, the table turned a little and Austin was named to the station's Volunteer Hall of Fame. (PHOTO BY DOUG AUSTIN)