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How The New KVMR Building Continues To Grow Via...Recycling

It's been just over a year since the tin sheds behind the Nevada Theatre were carefully dismantled to make way for the new home for KVMR 89.5 FM radio and a backstage expansion of the theater in downtown Nevada City.

As the new building has risen dramatically from the ground the past few months,  the recycling begins.

"We are re-purposing timbers salvaged from the sheds," explained Diane McIntire, the owner's representative for the $4 million Bridge Street Project. She is monitoring the project on behalf of the station, the theater and the community.

With help from a metal detector, KVMR volunteers recently began the "de-nailing" process to prepare the 100-year-old timbers for milling so they can be used as exterior and interior trim for the new building.

"And much of the recycled wood will be used in the station's new Community Room," McIntire added with a smile.  "That's where the public will be able to enjoy its beauty during live performances and meetings."

But that's just one part of construction developments at the new site of the Nevada City non-commercial, eclectic radio station.

"There's a lot going on," admitted McIntire.

"The framing and rough heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing and electrical, and fire sprinkler systems will all be finished in the next couple of weeks," she said.

Meanwhile, according to McIntire, windows will be delivered this week "and re-purposed siding and roofing installation is starting soon, too."

"They've even the cut the hole between the (Nevada) theater and the new backstage area," she added, meaning they are now adjoining structures.

And samples of tin, wood and paint are now on display on the new building's exterior.

On top of it all, construction details are being finalized for the KVMR "antenna tower," which will rise above the building entrance at Spring and Bridge streets  with the station's call letters embedded in the tower as well.

"It has all the makings of surely becoming a local landmark," she beamed.

In addition, KVMR volunteers and staff have formed a Studio Design Team, a Low Voltage Wiring Team, a New Building Planning Team and, soon, a Moving Team.

Jeez, with all those teams, could a KVMR softball league be in the works?

The contractor, Landmark Construction, plans to finish the building -- on schedule -- by the end of August. It's expected to take a couple months to install and prep the building for the radio station's move after that.

The Ask Goes Public

Fundraising for the Bridge Street Project is now in its public phase, with naming rights still available for some of the rooms in the new building as well as the building itself.

KVMR Capital Campaign Director Michael Young is the station's contact for potential contributors. 

Young can be reached via email at <myoung@kvmr.org> and via phone 530/265-9073, extension 218.