KVMR IS OUTTA THIS WORLD! KVMR's Membership Drive April 8th!

KVMR IS OUTTA THIS WORLD! KVMR's Membership Drive April 8th!
Save yourself from the Intergallactic Menace of COMMERCIAL RADIO [hissssss!]

Turn your radio on all next week with excellent programming to inspire your support of precious resource KVMR!

Next Monday 4/8 10AM-12PM Alasdair Fraser plays his favorite music. A copy of the show will available as a thank-you gift and all donors get a signed "thank-you" postcard from Alasdair!

Wednesday 4/10 Che Greenwood hosts Utah Phillips retrospective on Folk Say- from 10AM-noon. Utah's reissued songbook and episode of Loafer's Glory will be among the offerings of thank-yous for supporters of the show.

Friday 4/12 Gaynell Rogers and Patti Smith host a special two-hour Cannabis Crusades- including guests Judge Jim Grey, author Martin Lee, Director of CALNORML Dale Geiringer, and Nevada County resident Trisha Albright- who has been raided by the Fed in an attempt to seize her property.

If you think commercial radio is warm and fuzzy like a kitten, BEWARE!! We are the alternative to kitty videos on YouTube. We are the alternative to boring and banal. Support Independent Voices and Alternative Choices: Listener-Supported Community Radio KVMR FM is YOUR Station.
Here’s how you can make a difference.
Your support of KVMR Community Radio is vital to our growth as a regional community radio center in northern California.  Already we bring you incredibly diverse music, lively independent news, provocative public public affairs and creative, exciting programming 24 hours a day from around 150 citizen-broadcasters.
We’ll be holding our first on-air membership campaign in six, count ‘em, six months beginning Monday, April 8th.  We went longer than usual to give you an extended break from the on-air drives, and we hope you’ll be extra generous in return during our Spring Membership Drive.
In fact, we’re hoping you’ll show your appreciation for what KVMR brings you day in and day out with your kind financial contribution. Become a new member, renew your support or make an additional gift.  Remember…now is the perfect time to become a KVMR member/supporter.  In fact, it just may be the most important single thing you do today.  Just think about that.

This is a great way to get your summer season festival tickets as well as give a donation to KVMR.
Folks who become Perennial KVMR members  (with a monthly donation that automatically renews) and those who make $120 and up gifts are now eligible for a very special KVMR member benefits card.  You’ll get discounts at hundreds of businesses throughout our listening area…and beyond.  Plus the offer includes lots of 2-for-1 offers at many, many restaurants throughout the region. Using the card just once a month, in effect, pays for your membership.
So consider your membership options and pick the one that’s perfect for you.   Make a difference…now.
KVMR.  Where we bring the world to you and you mean the world to us.