From The Archive: KVMR Circa 1978!

From top:
1.Bobby broadcasting from the SHED (1978)

2. KVMR promo "Dinner Auction"... Bobby as your musical waiter. (1978) (Photo by Mike Maginot)

3. Early KVMR crew meeting. Find:  Dio Neff, an unknown good guy, Terry Marquez, Allison Miller (nee Allen) and Bobby. (1978)

Pointless Sisters KVMR.jpg

4. Producing KVMR musical promo with the "Pointless Sisters" (1978)


Pittsford & Bobby MC.jpg

5. Terry Pittsford and Bobby at station sponsored concert.


Selaya & Bobby                      KVMR.jpg
6. Cooking Show with Peter Selaya (New Moon) and Bobby A.