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Starlight Kompost

Starlight Kompost, has roots deep on the fabled San Juan Ridge where she's lived since age 3, and reminds one of the old days' KVMR and it fits the old school iconoclast hippie paradigm.
Her love of Asian astrological forecasting came later, in 2000, when she recalls with an irresistible smile, "I had these visions from God, to use a loaded word." 

He Said...She Said

Paul Sanders and Harriet Diamond offer fun and advice for male-female relationships and related queries, dissecting both romantic and practical coupling questions. Call-ins are welcome during the show at 265-9555

SOS Radio

SOS Radio interviews experts in the field of healthy vegan eating, cooking and farming.  We also explore how animal agriculture contributes to global depletion and untold animal misery.  You can contact me at  Thanks for listening!

Heads Up

Hosted by Reinette Senum.
Reinette is truly the Goddess of her own life. She is a grass roots organizer and has had a brief political career as Nevada City's Mayor (which is probably more extensive than we know) and activist who has traveled extensively and brings her bleeding-heart practicality to the airwaves on her talk show.


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