3000'+ of electric fence netting + solar powered charger

Posted 09/13/2017
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Stafix 6 joule dual purpose charger with remote with 100w solar panel and battery all mounted on a stand with wheel (the remote is awesome) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHnuypnn2Vc quick ground rods x5 (they have a slide hammer) plus some other ground rods 14/48/3.5 164' srv-posi/meg electric fence netting. There is over 3000 feet of it Repair kits, extra posts, rolles of e-fence ribbon and string type, t-post clips, plastic signs, fence alert lights. (they blink when fence is off) I spent over $6000 for all this a year and a half ago. But i have sold all my goats and do not need it. I would trade if for a equal value fishing boat. I have paperwork for at least $5000 worth of it. most of it was bought from Kencove.com if you would like to compare my prices or research any of it.
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