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3rd Annual Ukulele Festival

3rd Annual Ukulele Festival August 16, 10am-6pm at Canyon View Community Center, Auburn

Michelle Kiba

”Swing It" In this workshop, you’ll learn how to sweeten your swing chops by adding a pulse, movable chords, sliding chords, and even a little tablature to some easy to moderate level Swing Tunes.

"Song of the Islands" after a short presentation on Hawaiian language fundamentals, we’ll learn some contemporary hapa haole (half Hawaiian / half English) songs and even a Hawaiian Swing tune. You’ll also learn some great strums including a simple reggae, a roll strum and the ever popular double strum.

Lorrie Feitas

“SONGS of the FIFTIES” 1955 through 1965

Strum styles, history, songs from the popular artists of Graffiti Rock and Roll 

and rhythm and blues.  Beginners and Intermediates

“Songs of the TWENTIES” 1920 through 1930. 

Swing ukulele chord patterns history, songs we keep wanting to revive and return to sing today.  Beginners and Intermediates

  • Participants should be able to change chords in several keys especially C, G, F, A

Dan Scanlan

“Play the Uke Now!” A fun class for absolute beginners that not only has students playing a tune or two right away but that gives them a clear vision of what “the job” is! Even accomplished players can get something out of it, especially if they started off the wrong foot (if there is such a thing...)

“Pluck, Strum, Pinch, Muffle and Pick”  Newbies, intermediate and advanced players learn a variety of strums and muffles, picking patterns and other finger, thumb and palm techniques to add interest and texture to songs. Trills, glissando, counterpoints, daring rhythms, and other paraphernalia of the accomplished ukulele virtuoso are explored, studied and kept!

“Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits” — The Circle of Fifths Demystified:  A clear presentation on the circle of fifths and how to use it to write songs and anticipate chord changes.

Stu Herreid

"Unbelievable Strumbelievable Workshop" Learn the ins and outs of Ukulele Strums with Stu. From "The Theory of Strumming", all the way up to the infamous "Number 7 Strum", Stu will give you some practical, very useful strums that will enhance your ukulele experience. From beginning to intermediate, there is something for everyone in this Workshop…

Dani Joy

“Syncopated Patterns” Rolls, taps, pulls and isolating notes to give your song some extra flourish. We will combine these techniques in various ways and apply to an eclectic song list. Techniques are good for blues, jazz, contemporary and acoustic rock.