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Yes- it's 2017 and some stuff has happened- crazy fairytale stuff- but the time to put your head on the bar and cry is not now; nor is this the time to gloat and rub your neighbor's face in an unlikely win. Do you know what time it is? I SAID, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!" "Why, it's KVMR membership drive time, that's what time it is children."

Now's the time to support independent media. If you're a KVMR listener you care about crazy, whacked-out ideals like democracy and public access to airwaves. You like independent music and support alternative viewpoints, even if you don't support alternative facts.

Join KVMR, renew your membership, or give an additional gift, and be automatically entered in a daily drawing- Monday February 13th through Sunday February 19th- to get fresh flowers* delivered to your home, office, or a loved one. Because couldn't we all use a little sweetness right now? Be our Valentine- and call (530) 265-9555. All perennial members are automatically entered to win! 

Official Drawing Rules

                                                       *Thanks to Foothill Flowers

Tuesday Feb 14th WINNER- Perennial Member Ian Isbell of Grass Valley
Wed Feb 15th WINNER- Sandy Saccomanno of Grass Valley
Thurs Feb 16 WINNER- Dr. Sarah Woerner of Grass Valley
Fri Feb 17 WINNER- Barbara Graves of Nevada City
Sat Feb 18 WINNER- Michael Boli of Alemeda donated his bouquet to brighten the Empty Bowl event for Hospitality House!
Sun Feb 19 WINNER- Perennial Member Pinky Zalkin of Nevada City

KVMR Members- with over 400 of you pitching in for your end of year giving California Solar donated $2000 to Divine Spark this cold winter season- providing 400 hot meals to hungry local folks- and proving once again that KVMR people are the BEST people in the world. Group hug!


Be the envy of literally EVERYONE with this superfine gear!

She's even wearing KVMR socks! KVMR's tote bag doubles as a stylish necklace! Give a call to find out about our latest fresh swag. (530) 264-4165  


Other Random Ways to Support KVMR:

Disclaimer:  We support local shopping.  PLEASE support local businesses (especially underwriters!), but if you absolutely can't find what you're looking for make Amazon share some of that sweet, sweet lucre with us:


Do you eat food? If so you can sign up for SPD's Community Card and 3% of every dollar you spend gets donated back to KVMR (SPD has Grass Valley & Nevada City locations). So eat, drink and go crazy on magazines- it's for a good cause! Sign up here: http://www.escrip.com/

Or just go into the store and tell them you want to support KVMR- SPD Markets love community radio too!