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Check it out- New Swag for December! Limited Edition, folks- for a gift of $60 or more. While supplies last...


NEW MONTHLY BENEFITS For Members Only- Exciting New Benefit Every Month!

JANUARY 2015: A-1 Stoves, Chimneys & Awnings

$20 off any service and chimney sweeping for a wood, gas or pellet stove or fireplace;

Check out this real-life exchange regarding KVMR's new monthly member benefits:

"Holy WOW, Batman, did you hear that KVMR has smokin' hot new deal for their beloved Members every month?"

"Robin, I don't need prizes or incentives to do my civic duty and support community radio. Free speech is a cornerstone of American Democracy, it's what separates us from the animals, it's..."

"Yeah yeah, Batman, I know you're a great guy."

"You're right, Robin. I am a great guy."


These beautiful young members of KVMR are modeling our super-fly tote bag, made in The U-S-of-A (recycled cotton). Get one for yourself and be the envy of literally EVERYONE!


Lookin' fresh in KVMR gear!                          KVMR's tote bag doubles as a hip necklace!                                       

Fancy new stylin' gloves just in time for winter!       


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