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KVMR's EIN # is: 94-2846388

Independent, free-speech, local media is endagered; every year there are fewer platorms providing local access, independent music, and alternative viewpoints. KVMR stays thriving and relevant because of engaged volunteers and the financial support of listeners like you. KVMR Members are the best people in the world!

We are having a membership drive beginning Oct 12- we'll have a NEW TOTEBAG (ooohh, aaahhh), offer a hike with local legend Hank Meals, a walking tour of Haunted Nevada City with Mark Lyon, loads of great music as well as the freshest swag in all the land- socks, tee-shirts, caps, mugs!- but the REAL PRIZE is KVMR's QUALITY PROGRAMMING 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When the fundraiser is on it's time to give. MWAH!
Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for our 2019 calendar- it's going to be amazeballs!

Pet calendar submissions are closed- check out all the adorable pets on Flickr!
It's called swag- you should get some
Super soft limited-edition socks are made in the USA! $10 monthly/$120

We dressed him up in our love- KVMR Shiva T-shirt, embroidered ballcap and handmade mug. Only the best!

Be the ENVY of your spying neighbors- last year's totebag was so versitile. It doubles as a necklace!


Official Drawing Rules

Saturday- Aileen Hurst
Sunday- Andy Dooley-Miller
Monday- Sustaining member Ann Somerville
Tuesday- Wren Simmonds
Wednesday- Anje Waters
Friday- Jeff Wells 

Congratualtions FLOWER POWER WINNERS from our Winter 2018 Membership Drive:
Tuesday 2/6- Ruben & Gloria Guerrero from Woodland
Wednesday 2/7- Lorraine Woodworth from Biggs
Thursday 2/8- Sustaining Member Lisa Cowden (it happened to be Lisa's BDay!) from Nevada City
Friday 2/9- Sustaining Member Ken Ebi of Gras Valley
Saturday 2/10- New Member Jackie Peet of Grass Valley
Sunday 2/11- Sustaining Member Mary Ann Medeiros donated them to Neighborhood Center for the Arts

Congratulations FLOWER POWER WINNERS from our May 2017 Membership Drive:
Friday- Perennial Members Patrick & Kelly of Yuba City
Saturday- Tom Christison of Woodland
Sunday- Perennial Member Howard Green of San Jose
Monday- Karolyn McCall of Dobbins
Tuesday- Don Lewis of Nevada City
Wednesday- Perennial Member Sherry DeVogelaere of Grass Valley
Thursday- Steve Roddy of Penn Valley
Friday- Peter Parkhurst of Grass Valley
Saturday- Dustin Sites of Nevada City              


Another Random Way to Support KVMR:

Do you eat food? If so you can sign up for SPD's Community Card and 3% of every dollar you spend gets donated back to KVMR (SPD has Grass Valley & Nevada City locations). So eat, drink and go crazy on magazines- it's for a good cause! Sign up here: http://www.escrip.com/

Or just go into the store and tell them you want to support KVMR- SPD Market loves community radio too!