Fathers Day Bluegrass Finale: Thompsons at 2, Del McCoury Band at 3

Celebrating April Fools Over The Years on KVMR

Next Tuesday, of course, is April 1st, better known as, duh,  April Fools Day.

Which has been a day of some tomfoolery played on listeners of Nevada City community radio station KVMR  89.5 FM over the years.

There was the year when the station ran a news bulletin that Nevada City officials had approved building a Walmart in the historic downtown district to replace Friar
Tuck's after the restaurant had burned down.  Eyebrows were raised.

One Morning Show reran a five year old program, predicting snow on a sunny, warm April 1st.  "I thought it sounded familiar," said one listener.

It didn't fool Nevada City poet Molly Fisk, who was a telephone guest on the rerun show from her Marin County home -- before she had ever visited here.

And then there was the time that then-Morning Show host Carolyn Crane, who had been talking to listeners about her pregnancy, pretended she had gone into labor on the air, and only a trainee was there to nervously take the microphone until help arrived. 

The prank must have worked, at least on some listeners.  In fact, one midwife showed up to help out, only to discover it was an April Fools  joke.  She wasn't exactly amused. But Crane had a successful birth a couple months later.

But the joke that drew the biggest response over the years took place exactly ten years ago next Tuesday./

Then-General Manager Brian Terhorst tersely went on the air early that morning to announce KVMR would change to an all-Hawaiian music format. The station's Hawaiian show host, Michael Keene, went along with the gag in honor of the popular island series.

Phone lines were jammed, irate Board of Directors members wanting to know why they hadn't been told of the change, other listeners were bemoaning the loss of their favorite non-Hawaiian shows.

At least until Terhorst and Keene said the old adage, "April Fools!"

This year, there won't be any shenanigans...or will there?

No Foolin', Two Specials

At least two shows will be treats, not tricks, on April Fools Day next Tuesday.

Adyashanti -- the American-born spiritual leader and author of ""The Way of Liberation" and "Falling into Grace"  -- will do a rare interview with KVMR host Michael Stone on a special two-hour edition of "Conversations: Are We Listening" from noon to 2 p.m. that day (89.5 FM, kvmr.org streaming).

Stone had been pursuing the interview for over three years until he got it confirmed last month.

And the station's popular "On The Road Live" show makes another stop at the Sierra Nevada Big Room Tuesday night, featuring the jam band  and jam grass genre favorites Leftover Salmon, a Boulder, Colorado-based band that's once again back out touring.  The live remote broadcast starts at 7:20 p.m., with music beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The Wheaties Box Guy

Evan Strong -- the Nevada City athlete who won a gold medal at the Paralympics in Sochi, Russia this month -- will be the guest on a special edition of "Disability Rap" this Friday at noon (89.5 FM, kvmr.org streaming).

Strong not only made history after taking home a gold medal in snowboarding but also became the first elite para-athlete ever to appear on boxes of the cereal Wheaties, which will be hitting store shelves this spring.

He'll also be feted locally next Tuesday, with festivities beginning at 5:30 p.m., including a parade down Broad Street followed by a party at the Miner's Foundry

KVMR host Ana Acton of the FREED Independent Living Center will talk to Strong about overcoming physical disabilities.

Once a leading skateboarder, Strong lost his leg in a tragic car accident at age 17 in his native Maui.  He took up snowboarding when his family and he moved to the Sierra seven years ago.

And now he's got a Gold Medal around his neck.

(A weekly wrap-up of news and oddities about community radio station KVMR (89.5 FM, kvmr.org streaming), a noncommercial station offering diverse musical programming, independent news and provocative public affairs from about 150 volunteer "citizen-broadcasters."  A video about the station's new building is at vimeo.com/63303996  Complete program listings are available at kvmr.org )