with Johnny Gallagher

American Cosmonauts

Broadcast Day/Time: 
10PM - 12AM, 2nd & 4th Mondays

Four years ago, Eugene and Leo were just two broke American citizens. In a moment of desperation they got very drunk. At some point, during their stupor, Leo convinced Eugene that their best opportunity for fame and fortune lay in signing up to be cosmonauts...

Now in the present, these two have been marooned miles above the Earth in the station Sputnik 8. Having realized too late that there is no such thing as a rich or famous cosmonaut, Eugene and Leo turned to the next best star making medium... radio.

KVMR radio is proud(*) to present AMERICAN COSMONAUTS for two hours starting at 10PM every other Monday. Thats two hours of comedy ramblings. Two hours of space madness. Two hours of music, and music substitutes. All for the price of FREE!

In the Nevada City area thats KVMR 89.5, in Truckee 105.1, and streaming live on the web at KVMR.ORG

(*) 2012 KVMR Out of the Box award recipients. So they actually are proud of us. So there.

Tune in every other Monday night at 10PM