Strawberry Music Festival: Marley’s Ghost
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The Rock'n Down Under Show. This Monday at 10PM. . .

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With 591 LIKES on our page. An audiance is listening.  Music Managers listen up. We're back! Monday night 10-12 midnight. Introducing several new unsigned artists, as well as some well known in the industry. Be sure to tune in to as we spin sounds from the likes of: Febs01, The Sabulous voice of Lachy Doley !, Huia, Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird, Dean Ray, Matty T. Wall, Matty Rogers, Harper & Midwest Kind, Anthony Coulter's 2016 award winning track "Shaking Her Wings", Mt Eden feat. Albi & the Wolves 1st recorded Dark track "Fall With You." 202, unreleased "Sail Away", plus (New Zealand singer) in Australia's X-Factor,  eliminated finalist, BIGT's two un-mastered, unreleased covers of "Jailhouse Rock" & "Crazy." In our humble opinion, the X-Factor judges were a little 'crazy' for letting this young man go! You be the judge when you listen to BIGT. . . 

If we don't run out of air time, there are a few more artists on our playlist you'll enjoy... Remember PCT this can help you find your or click on the link below and listen when you can.