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Vicky Stanton on Aug 4, 2015
7/28/2015 - Nine years ago, I first met my boyfriend and KVMR. He had just relocated here from Los Angeles, and I was still living down there.  Not the best timing for a relationship to start, but he commuted a couple of times a month, and I listened to KVMR online. He had just started the...
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Bronx Bob on Aug 4, 2015
  We'll be spinning 30 odd tracks on https://www.facebook.com/rockn.downunder?ref=bookmarks August 23rd. 5Pm -7PM USA West Coast Time. The spotlight will be on several NZ/OZ artists. John Hanlon (soft blues heh?) Darcy Perry Blues Band, Darren Watson, Fatt Max, Swamp Thing, Tami Neilson, Bullfrog...
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Adriana Kelly on Aug 4, 2015
Ticketpalooza- preview music from all the best upcoming shows & buy tickets below retail- all while supporting KVMR. Tune in Friday, Aug 21, 7am 'til Noon, hear the music and plan your next two months of events. Check back often, we're ADDING TICKETS right up to TICKETPALOOZA. Thanks to the...
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Hap Hazard on Aug 4, 2015
Magic of Radio   Radio is a medium, a way of communicating, that encourages magic: Magic – a power that allows people to do impossible things by saying words or performing special actions Broadcast – Cast or scattered in all directions      Whether it’s playing moving music, or verbally sharing...
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Bronx Bob on Jul 29, 2015
Night Vision is about spinning Alternative Rock and more. I'll make ya an offer ya can't refuse if y'all listen in. Midnight till four in the morning. . . Offering some groovy sounds away from mainstream norm.  Norm? What's that all about anyway!
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Art Porebski on Jul 25, 2015
  Join us Sunday, July 26, 2015, 7pm to 9pm for Sunday Showcase (Special Time) - "Travel Without Moving" with Katherine and Art Porebski. Travel with us on a musical journey to places never visited before. Featuring the newest and best of Ambient Dub, along with other genres, performed by world-...
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Bronx Bob on Jul 22, 2015
Get up, and tune in to Saturday Morning Live July 25th, as Bronx Bob (sitting in for the renowned John Taber) & Kiwi Belle, his more than capable trusted side kick spin an eclectic range of music kick'n off the first set with 'Queen."  At 1:00 pm we'll be booth sitting at the KVMR BBQ, then...
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Melissa Seibold on Jul 16, 2015
Underwriter of the Month: July 2015The Gray Goose ~ Nevada City   “From the sublime to the ridiculous.” If you want fresh, zany and clever to match your good sense of humor, you will want to check out The Gray Goose at 230 Broad Street in Nevada City. The Gray Goose carries an eclectic mix of gifts...
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Art Porebski on Jul 7, 2015
  Join us Saturday, July 25, 2015, midnight 'till 4am PDT for Night Vision - "Travel Without Moving" with Katherine and Art Porebski. Travel with us on a musical journey to places never visited before. Featuring the newest and best of Ambient Dub, along with other genres, performed by world-wide...
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Mari Weaver on Jul 7, 2015
What do a 10-year-old Tenneseean prodigy, an aging famous British rocker and a former Cambodian karaoke singer have in common? Not much, but Emi Sunshine, Richard Thompson and Chhom Nimol of Dengue Fever will be among the many acts performing at WorldFest July 16-19 at the Grass Valley Fairgrounds...
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Miss Jiff on Jul 5, 2015
Halito am akana!!! Hello my friends! It is I, Miss Jiff once again!!! Due to unfortunate circumstances the 6/25/2015 Ali Fontaine interview disappeared into the ether... don't start sobbing yet, when we learned about her amazing work with The Canadian Museum of Human Rights we are going to do...
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Sean Dooley on Jul 1, 2015
                                                       KVMR is proud to announce that we offically have our very own Youtube Channel. Check out some of the footage from our latest house concerts, and check back often for more slices of community radio heaven. From Brother Sun, Callaghan, Aaron Ross...
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Mark Leviton on Jul 1, 2015
Check out www.petsoundsmusic.com for more fun!
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Bronx Bob on Jun 29, 2015
Even though the normal red-eye time slot will be preempted until 2:00 am, don't touch that dial!  Stay tuned to The Rock’n DownUnder Show where your host, 'Bronx Bob' & 'Kiwi Belle' will once again be spinning a compilation of tunes from “The Land of The Long White Cloud” and “Oz”, until the...
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Bronx Bob on Jun 24, 2015
June 27 2015. Night Vision "Lands Of The Long White Cloud." Rock'n the night away with Bronx Bob & Kiwi Belle. Midnight till 4:00 AM for the insomniacs! Back again: July 3rd... Bringing in the holiday with our "Rock'n DownUnder Show", promoting an ecliptic range of sounds from New Zealand and...
Edy Cassell's picture
Edy Cassell on Jun 23, 2015
Bronx Bob and the Kiwi Belle If you’ve been at all involved with KVMR in the past few years, you will very likely have encountered Bob and Annie DeSanti, a.k.a. Bronx Bob and the Kiwi Belle. Bob and Annie landed permanently in Grass Valley 3 years ago after traveling the world for 12 years in an RV...
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Adriana Kelly on Jun 23, 2015
Greetings dear readers- here is where we celebrate all the weird and wonderful people who pay the bills at KVMR- our beloved members. Please allow me to introduce our first member profile, the Enlightened Students of Bus #5... One morning in 2012 I opened an envelope to find a wad of crumpled cash...
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Miss Jiff on Jun 20, 2015
Halito! It is I, Miss Jiff! Thursday's program (6/18/2015) welcomed Chris Jones, a local traditional Lakota Singer along with his lovely daughter Akeena, all followed by an interview with Ryan and Ryan from the crazy talented, epic rock band, The Ollvianders! Phrase of the Day: "aa' ha'ii banina"...
Jennifer Robin's picture
Miss Jiff on Jun 19, 2015
Halito, it is I, Miss Jiff and welcome to the Dreamwalk blog! "Miss Jiff, you talk so much on air, what the heck are you going to blog about?!" My reply to that obvious question, NOTHING! This blog is to sum of the week's program and network all the interweb sites and social medias... so many...
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Mikail Graham on Jun 3, 2015
Guest editorial... The following manifesto was written by Dagobart D. Runes, an occasional guest host on The Other Side (his next upcoming show June 23, 8-10pm) Waukesha Chowder and Marching Society Place this manifesto on your window! Our calling has been predestined! We are anathema to all that...


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