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Music Lifts the Spirits and Keeps you Tuned Up

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Music doth soothe a savage beast!
Oh yes, and more! Music has a social function to connect and glue generational impulses. Music catharts the emotional pain we feel and takes us down memory lane in a nano-second.  Plainly and simply.... it lifts our spirits in a million ways.
As a brand new Broadcaster, and student of Vibrational Medicine for years, my overall focus will be on how music heals the body mind and spirit. Working with Hospice patients with intentional healing music at the bedside showed me just how powerful music is. Not only could it ease physical pain, but it seemed to even dissipate the fear of dying! What is this power of music to bridge heaven and earth I asked and began the scientific spiritual inquiry. I heard that music is the only thing that is the same in heaven and earth. 
So, music must be bringing heaven here? Mozart would "hear" the music of the spheres in his dreams and upon waking simply translated it to the written page. Shamans heal with their mystical vocalizations by first reaching into their inner spirit realm. Think of all of life's celebratory moments and you will think of the special songs that carry them. Ave Maria, Amazing Grace and Happy Birthday!
So music is a magical bridge of sorts between worlds where we can be transported, up-lifted and enlivened. By the words. The rapturous melodies. The loving voices that sing the songs. The specific frequencies and repetitions and keys. Our body awakens and sings "with" the music.  But most of the experience of music within and without is guided by our intentions and expectations.
      Truly, "Without Music... Life would be a Mistake," reads one popular slogan. People who listen to music, make music and love music have higher vibrational profiles on subtle computer measurement systems. They stay healthier and connect to life more deeply.
     I look forward to sharing with you what science now shows us about the healing aspects of music. We will explore the impact of your own vibrational field and how your thoughts and voice have a unique musical signature that makes you a harmonically based being. How YOU are music. How Sound and Resonance sculpt your world. And of course, play lots of examples so we can experience the magic.
      Till the next time.... Sing, play good music and keep the good thoughts flowing! 
Stay Tuned!!!
Jan Sara Jorgensen RN, MA, Certified Music Practitioner
If you would like to see sound as color...you can look at this electromagnetic streaming while toning, seeing is believing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEOFX3Vwnko