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Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Feb 9, 2017
Hap Hazard will portray himself as a radio broadcaster on KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM! Friday afternoon from 4 - 6pm. Be sure to check in to see how he does. It's a music program to take you through the dusk... Start here...
Kiwi Annie's picture
Kiwi Annie on Feb 5, 2017
Monday ...... 10 - midnight PDT All new music from 2016/17 on the syndicated "Rock'n Downunder Show." Our Kiwis and Aussies have been busy. A couple of new tracks from Rhett May, Dirty River Duo, Amanaska,, the Baldwins, Chitra, a new release,hot off the press from Songs 202, Jeff Lang, Miriam...
Michael Axelman's picture
Michael Axelman on Jan 31, 2017
Our Host - The Old Dude With An Attitude - Tommy Miles Tommy Miles makes his debut on KVMR with his new podcast, Muscle Shoals West.  The show focuses on the early history of FAME through the eyes of FAME's current owner and operator, Rodney Hall. Rodney is the son of legendary producer and founder...
Adela's picture
Adela Wilcox on Jan 29, 2017
"We are excited to announce that local attorney Heather L. Burke will be joining our panel for tomorrow’s “Town Talk: The Future of Cannabis” at the Nevada Theater at 401 Broad Street in Nevada City. Ms. Burke will be joining an esteemed panel of local experts, including Forrest Hurd, attorneys Sam...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jan 26, 2017
Hap Hazard will be hosting the KVMR airwaves this Friday afternoon from 4 - 6pm. The action is at KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM. Local group BuckStar in at 4:30 to share their latest endeavors. Let your community filter the airwaves through the magic of music! It's a unique experience. Tune in and be...
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Jan 24, 2017
On Wednesday, January 25 I interview Dr. Greger, best selling author of "How Not to Die" about reversing type 2 diabetes with a whole foods, plant based diet.  You can watch a video above where he discusses how all chronic diseases can be reversed with diet. If you have type 2 diabetes, a really...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jan 19, 2017
Hap Hazard will take you through the latest storms this Friday, from 4 - 6pm at KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM. Douglass Truth in at 4:30 with tales of The Fringe Festival. The rest is music, espresso, and the legal tender of music. Join me for the ride!
Sean Dooley's picture
Sean Dooley on Jan 18, 2017
     We lost yet another music legend today. Nigerian funk musician & synthesizer pioneer, Willian Onyeabor. Any fan of Onyeabor's musical work will easily refer to the first time they heard the song "Atomic Bomb" as being a mind-blowing experience. His music is unpredictable, unconventional...
Michael Axelman's picture
Michael Axelman on Jan 12, 2017
Muscle Shoals West is a podcast that will explore contemporary sounds from Muscle Shoals, Alabama and surrounding locations.  The program will feature down home interviews with owners, producers and muscians from the top notch studios from the deep south including Fame Studioshttp://www.fame2.com...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Jan 6, 2017
Brian Eno - Reflection (Exceprt) - Single The xx - Say Something Loving The xx - On Hold   Brian Eno - ReflectionBrian Eno - Reflection (Excerpt) - Single - Warp Records Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, originally christened Brian Peter George Eno) is an English...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jan 5, 2017
Between winter storms, Hap Hazard will warm you with the fire of community that music brings. Check out KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM between 4 pm and 6 pm as you prepare for the next gullywasher! It's a great place to be on a Friday afternoon/evening!
Jan Jorgensen's picture
Jan Jorgensen on Dec 30, 2016
On NEW YEARS....in the middle of the night.... I will be spending 3 hours bringing in inspirational and healing music on the Solara Show at the KVMR station and then, big fun, Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner will be bringing in coffee and I will interview this fabulous Woman at about 6:15am. 89.5...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Dec 29, 2016
The Hazard you call Hap will keep you company over the radio airwaves this Friday afternoon at KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM. We're caught between the end and the beginning, once again, so we need each other. Join in from 4 to 6pm at kvmr.org and hear all about it.    
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Dec 27, 2016
On Wednesday, December 28, 2016 during the noon hour I interview Dr. Will Tuttle about how ethical eating can lead to world peace.  Dr. Tuttle is author of the best-selling book "The World Peace Diet".  You can see the book here:http://www.worldpeacediet.com/ Dr. Tuttle has just returned from a...
Bronx Bob's picture
Bronx Bob on Dec 24, 2016
On our regularly scheduled Dec. 26, 2016 Monday night show, 10 PM - 12 AM, we'll be spinning a heap of music from: The Bamboos, Anderson / Lardot Music, Bill Hunt, The Koi Boys, Toni Swain,Andy Baylor, Anthony Coulter Music, Kate Ceberano, Charlie Couch, The Idea of North, Jimmy Barnes, Gurrumul 's...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Dec 22, 2016
Hap Hazard will be with you on the radio this Friday KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM from 4 - 6pm, so that you will not be alone. We'll warm by the fire of music and the magic of radio. Step out of the culture and into the heart of things, together.
Bronx Bob's picture
Bronx Bob on Dec 21, 2016
Tune in at 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM as we celebrate Hanukka & Christmas week. We'll be spinning some Holiday music from Los Lobos, Celexico, Rufus Wainwright & Sharon Van Etten, Coldplay and much more we know you've not heard before.                                                        Happy...
Mark Leviton's picture
Mark Leviton on Dec 21, 2016
Tonight at 10pm it's the last Pet Sounds radio program of the year, and we'll be hearing from some of the budget-busting box sets and reissues that have brightened 2016. Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, Gene Clark, The Mothers of Invention & more!
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Dec 15, 2016
Hap Hazard looks forward to keeping you company this Friday at KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM, from 4 - 6pm. Leta Gibney and Lauren Avery in at 4:30 with live music, Saul and Elena Rayo in at 5pm, opening the door to The Night of Giving fundraiser for the homeless. Gather together around the fire of...
Bronx Bob's picture
Bronx Bob on Dec 11, 2016
Busy two weeks coming up. Monday Dec.12th "The Rock'n Down Under Show", unlike most radio stations playing a myriad of Holiday music, we won't. (Sorry to disappoint) we'll be spinning tracks by; Gin Wigmore, Frankie Wants Out, The Escalators, Matt Borg Trio, LFB, Kelly Auty, Tim Griffin, Fatt Max,...


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