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Kiwi Annie on Nov 9, 2015
Special Tonight! Got some air time allotted. Tune in at Midnight till 4:00 am. The Rock'n Down Under Show will be Live on air. Listen in atwww.kvmr.org for sounds starting off with NZ Blues and Rock, some great fiddling going on too! Then sliding over to Aussie Country, ending our show with some...
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Adriana Kelly on Oct 30, 2015
October is officially the Freakiest Time of Year and we're flying our freak flag. During our "Get Freaky" fall membership drive we have scared up the nuttiest swag we could think of... Below the following GARGANTUAN list of TICKETS, don't miss pics of some novel thank you gifts: Mike Bissel &...
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Adriana Kelly on Oct 29, 2015
Please enjoy this prototype- "Because everything else just sucks!" This is on a high quality, short sleeve, collared shirt. Available in Mens & Ladies' styles, Small - XXXXL, tall available. Eric will also be offering some fine music and a limited edition mug made by Brian Hayes of Coloma (who...
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Adriana Kelly on Oct 29, 2015
Friday Morning Show, 7-10AM, Jerianne Van Dijk will host a No-Bake Sale with beautiful, original, CALORIE-FREE sweet treats hand painted by Jerianne herself. Tune in and order one of these limited edition snacks that can spend a lifetime on the fridge- not on your hips! Jerianne will also have the...
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Edy Cassell on Sep 21, 2015
Volunteer Susan McGuire     One of the things that has impressed me the most about KVMR has been the length of commitment of some of our volunteers. Susan McGuire is one of those…..she has been involved with KVMR since first arriving in our area in 1990 and has stayed involved on some level with...
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Bronx Bob on Sep 21, 2015
Some of y'all didn't hear your alarm clock go off and missed our show on Sept.18th... Maybe y'all just didn't want to get up at that ungodly hour from midnight till four AM to listen in (Depending where you call home) No problem mates. Come Sunday Sept.27th, we're spinning the same show, adding...
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Mikail Graham on Sep 18, 2015
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - a man possessed with a muse for all seassons... I recently did a two hour Other Side special featuring the music of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy aka Will Oldham. You can listen to the entire show by clicking here. As you can see and hear from the videos I've posted here, Bonnie '...
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Cynthia Tweed on Sep 11, 2015
For just about 40 years, BriarPatch Co-op has been the leading natural food store in Nevada County. BriarPatch is a vibrant, important community hub for gathering and for dialogue and learning about healthful food. BriarPatch seeks to be a leader in social, environmental, and fiscal business...
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molly jochem on Sep 4, 2015
Do you like a sizzling hot sausage after work? How about a cold, delicious craft beer? Do you enjoy live Dj's from kvmr? How about being in on a fun new event from the very beginning? Well, if you answered YES! to any of these questions, you're in luck! Please join KVMR at the Ol' Republic Brewery...
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Mark Leviton on Sep 3, 2015
Check out www.petsoundsmusic.com for lots of fun stuff related to KVMR's Pet Sounds radio show.
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Greg Robinson on Sep 3, 2015
Footage from the short film 'Hang Loose' featuring Little Wings frontman Kyle Field. The video showcases everything Little Wings (Kyle) is about: surf, the California Central Coast, living in your car, awesome sweaters, melodic and dreamy rifts. 
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Kiwi Annie on Aug 24, 2015
  A Genre to Ponder   With the latest request for volunteers to keep the music library in order, it occurred to me that things are not always as simple as they seem.  Apart from relying upon the good grace of all ’borrowers’  to return CDs to their rightful space,  categorizing of the music itself...
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Greg Robinson on Aug 20, 2015
Kyle Field - the genius behind the band Little Wings - has never been confused for a Top 40 hit maker.  His music, like his art, takes a bit more effort for the average listener to sink their teeth into.  With his latest effort, "Explains", Kyle has produced an album that, unlike the 10 previous...
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Adriana Kelly on Aug 20, 2015
Ticketpalooza- preview music from all the best upcoming shows & buy tickets below retail- all while supporting KVMR. Tune in Friday, Aug 21, 7am 'til Noon, hear the music and plan your next two months of events. Check back often, we're ADDING TICKETS right up to TICKETPALOOZA. Thanks to the...
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Archie Grimes on Aug 20, 2015
Archie Grimes Having the opportunity to represent KVMR in the Out Reach booth at the Nevada County Fair was a wonderful experience. In reaching out to the public there were some wonderful experiences.  One husband and wife had been listening to KVMR since its beginning. They enjoy the various types...
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Art Porebski on Aug 16, 2015
  Join us Saturday, August 22, 2015, midnight 'till 4am PDT for Night Vision - "Travel Without Moving" with Katherine and Art Porebski. Travel with us on a musical journey to places never visited before. Featuring the newest and best of Ambient Dub, along with other genres, performed by world-wide...
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Edy Cassell on Aug 14, 2015
We all know the voices of KVMR, but unless you visit our offices from time to time you might not know the faces of KVMR. We have a different smiling face everyday staffing our front reception desk, greeting and directing people, dispensing information, and just adding to the general overall family...
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Ellis Horn on Aug 7, 2015
What if the scientific process got out of the way and let the right brainers have their day? Oh, my, chaos you say? Well, I beg to differ. Here are some thoughts on the subject of creativity. One: You can't create if you are not willing to fail. If you are passionate about what you are doing you...
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Melissa Ann Seibold on Aug 5, 2015
Underwriter of the Month: August 2015 Plaza Tire and Auto Service ~ Four Nevada County Locations For over 65 years, Plaza Tire and Auto Service has been a successful business leader in the Nevada County community performing expert auto repair and maintenance. And, for over 13 years, Plaza Tire and...
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Vicky Stanton on Aug 4, 2015
7/28/2015 - Nine years ago, I first met my boyfriend and KVMR. He had just relocated here from Los Angeles, and I was still living down there.  Not the best timing for a relationship to start, but he commuted a couple of times a month, and I listened to KVMR online. He had just started the...


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