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Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jun 23, 2016
Like a ninja music warrior, Hap slips through the pre-emptions to arrive alive and well this Friday ON THE RADIO. The family gathers in a haphazard fashion, know that tuning in to kvmr.org from 4 - 6 pm will cause alterations. You may also connect @ 89.5 FM
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Jun 20, 2016
Dear Listeners, On Wednesday, June 22nd during the noon hour I'm interviewing Dr. Richard Oppenlander about the impact of animal agriculture and fishing on global depletion. You can find out more about Dr. Oppenlander here. I'm also interviewing Linda Middelsworth about "Get Healthy Sacramento...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Jun 17, 2016
No Woman - Whitney No Matter Where We Go - Whitney The Take - Woods Politics of Free - Woods Whitney - Light Upon the LakeWhitney - Light Upon the Lake - Secretly Canadian Whitney is an American indie-rock band from Chicago, which formed in 2015 and is signed to Secretly Canadian. They...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jun 13, 2016
A trip to a real, working hardrock gold mine up near Alleghany - The Sixteen to One Mine. Hap Hazard and Larry Hillberg went along with their listeners. Several of radio KVMR supporters were treated to mine manager Michael Miller's guidance and knowledge, as he had offered the tours to raise money...
Bronx Bob's picture
Bronx Bob on Jun 11, 2016
Rock'n DownUnder  Tune in to www.kvmr.org this Monday evening. 10-12 am PCT. We'll start our first set with "Back to Culture" & "Freedom" by the Yothi Yindi Band. Skyhooks, Rosie Burgess, Ash Dargan, Ha the Unclear, Archie Roach, Darcy Hay - songwriter, Aly Cook ,Aldous Harding, and more plus...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jun 10, 2016
Hap is happy to be with you over the radio waves Friday from 4 - 6 pm on kvmr.org and 89.5 fm locally. Next week is another pre-emption, so this Friday is all the more precious. Let's throw everything up in the air, and we'll see how it lands...Together. This video features two ladies with dynamic...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Jun 10, 2016
Go! (feat. Mai Lan) - M83 Laser Gun (feat. Mai Lan) Time Wind (feat. Beck) - M83 Wow (Single) - Beck   M83 - JunkM83 - Junk - Mute Records M83 are a French electronic music band led by Anthony Gonzalez and currently based in Los Angeles. Formed in 2001 in Antibes, France. The band has...
Art Porebski's picture
Art Porebski on Jun 9, 2016
Join me this Saturday, June 11, 12am to 4am for Travel Without Moving. Let me be your guide to new musical spaces never discovered before. Featuring the newest and best of Ambient Dub, Reggae, Jazz, Downtempo, and other genres, performed by world-wide and local artists. Live on KVMR-FM and...
Melissa Ann Seibold's picture
Melissa Ann Seibold on Jun 8, 2016
Auburn Eats!  KVMR Cuisine!   The KVMR Community Radio listening audience resides from Truckee-Tahoe City to West Sacramento with our Heart in Nevada City/Grass Valley and Auburn. KVMR member-supporters and business-supporters also stretch the distances of our airwaves! Our station shines and...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jun 2, 2016
Hap is looking forward to altering your hot Friday afternoon into something cool. Let's acknowledge Dylan's birthday last week, and go from there. It all starts at 4pm, takes you to 6 pm, and the rest is up to you. that's kvmr.org or 89.5 fm.
Bronx Bob's picture
Bronx Bob on May 30, 2016
Spinning some tracks on our 1st scheduled radio show... Starting tonight and every other Monday 10-12am . Listen to The Koi Boys who auditioned for The Voice in Australia.  Believe it or not; these guys did not win!  
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on May 27, 2016
Hap Hazard is pre-empted this week by the Strawberry Music Festival. I saw the White Stripes perform in Paris a few years back, and thought this would be a good time to rock out with a Dolly Parton song. Have a great weekend!  
Diane McIntire's picture
Diane McIntire on May 26, 2016
We want your input and expertise!  You can become more involved with your community radio station by becoming a member of a Board Committee.  The KVMR Board of Directors has four committees open to the public.  You can attend the meetings or join the committees.  They include the Fund Development...
Adela's picture
Adela Wilcox on May 24, 2016
After you're done listening to the The Wood Brothers at the Strawberry Music Festival this Saturday night, stay tuned for a Strawberry Blues Cafe Special featuring past and present Strawberry performers such as Mavis Staples, Ruthie Foster, Keb Mo, Dr John, Susan Tedeschi, along with other...
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on May 24, 2016
On Wednesday, May 25th during the noon hour I interviewed Dr. John McDougall about his approach to healthy eating called "the Starch Solution." You can find out more about Dr. McDougall by clicking here. I also interviewed Linda Middlesworth, the Vegan Mentor.  Linda can be reached at veganmentor@...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on May 20, 2016
Day of the Dead - Various Artists - 4AD Morning Dew - The National New Speedway Boogie - Courtney Barnett Black Muddy River - Bruce Hornsby & DeYarmond Edison And We Bid You Goodnight - Sam Amidon Day of the Dead is the twenty-fifth compilation release benefiting the Red Hot...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on May 20, 2016
Hap Hazard is ready to visit your speakers this Friday from 4 - 6pm on kvmr.org and 89.5 fm locally, or should I say loco-ly. It's community radio, which means "If you weren't out there, I wouldn't be out there too". Next week is a pre-emption, so come on by at 5:20pm to share the Community...
Mark Leviton's picture
Mark Leviton on May 18, 2016
10pm tonight Pet Sounds is all about "Pet Sounds"!  Rarities & oddities galore!
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on May 13, 2016
1. James Blake -  I Need a Forest Fire (feat. Bon Iver) 2. James Blake - Meet You in the Maze 3. Radiohead - Desert Island Disk 4. Radiohead - True Love Waits   James Blake - The Colour In AnythingJames Blake - The Colour In Anything - Polydor James Blake Litherland known as James Blake, is an...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on May 12, 2016
Friday afternoon is upon us, and Hap is too! Strongly suggest just give in to it - after all, it's only radio! Tune in 4 - 6 pm, the slide from coherence into oblivion at kvmr.org anywhere in the world, and 89.5 FM if you're close enough to touch. Jim Page will drop by with song stories - the rest...


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